Everything recovered perfectly after power outage

I know that there are complaints about recovery after power outages, but I’ll just say that I’ve had a couple of brief outages recently, and my 9 cameras (V1, V2 and Pan), bulbs, sensor and plug, which are connected to either my main router or one of two WiFi extenders all recovered flawlessly.

Let’s hope that continues.


Yesterday morning from about 6:20 AM until 9:05 AM we lost power. Due to a car vs. utility pole accident.

When the power returned I purposely did nothing to “help” with recovery.

After a half hour two V2 cameras, and 2 (all) of my plugs had not reconnected. My Pan cam and 5 V2’s recovered as did the bridges in two of the cameras. My one bulb turned on when power returned, it had been off when power failed, but showed as offline in the app. Cycling the bulb manually restored its connection.

During the power outage we opened a door that had a Wyze Contact sensor on it. When power returned the app showed that contact as closed not open. When we subsequently closed the door and reopened it it correctly reported those state changes.

The 2 plugs I owned were both marked by the app as Offline and their status light was blue and blinking slowly. Unplugging them and replugging them in seemed to cause them to recover.

All of my non Wyze devices, Ring Alarm, Yale door lock, Ecobee thermostat, 14 Hue bulbs and bridge, Ring Door Bell, 2 Apple TV’s, 2 Fire TV’s, 6 Alexa devices, 2 wireless printers, and one Deebot Robo Vac all recovered. The various Hue bulbs honored their power recovery settings.


Sounds like Wyze needs to review the process they employ when the device wakes up faster than the router.


In my case I am using a DSL modem and a separate router running as an access point not as a router. That access point ALWAYS boots before the DSL modem. This causes the WiFi network to come up and be available prior to the actual internet connection. I think this can cause some devices difficulty which is why I waited a full half hour. I wanted to give everything a chance to sort itself out. The Phillips Hue Bridge took almost 15 minutes to decide it was connected for example. Until it did the Hue lights could not be controlled via Alexa or the Hue app. But as I say the individual bulbs did honor their return from power failure settings. But to be fair those bulbs are 14 bucks vs Wyze bulbs at 8 bucks.

Hue Power Recovery Settings.