No recovery from power outage

After a recent power outage all my cams, bulbs and smart plugs recovered except for one Wyzecam. It states “Device is Offline (error code 90).” I am not at the location of these cams (about 300 miles away) so I’m not able to power it on or off. I’ve tried turning it on and off remotely to no avail. What else can be done since I won’t be getting to that location in a very long time. This is quite disappointing as it is an important cam.

Welcome back @mparegian!
You may have to go the location of the camera to power cycle it(unplug and plug back in after 5 to 10 secs). This will usually solve offline issues.

Thank you for your reply, but I am very aware of what will in fact bring it back since I have so many of these cams everywhere in many locations. I know exactly how they act and recover. The only reason I asked is because I cannot get to the camera any time soon and was hoping that someone may have a way to get it back remotely that I am not aware of. I cannot get to the camera now so it will be off until then unless someone has a “way” which is why I posted the question. Darkness until then and it could be a very long long time!!! :frowning: At that location I have twelve different Wyze products - some Pan Cams, some regular cams, smart bulbs and smart plugs - they all bounced back immediately and are working perfectly except one… Whatever I do has to be done remotely right now. I know it is a tough request - I was just hoping something could be done???

Your only options are to wait for another power outage, have someone force a power outage or have a nearby trusted friend enter your remote location and manually powercycle the cam. To help mitigate this unfortunate circumstance, some of us connect our remote and hard to reach critical cams to Wyze Plugs so we have the ability to powercycle from any location via the Wyze app. The only other thing I can think of to try for a 90 error is to reboot the router located at your remote location. If you have the admin logiin credentials, you should be able to do this over the Internet. The problem with rebooting your router is that some of your other devices may not recover. :neutral_face:

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Thank you for the prompt reply - there will no doubt be other power outages so I’ll wait on that one. I was not aware that I could power cycle the Wyze Plug (I already have quite a few of them). That sounds like my best option. I’ll get some more and connect my most important cams so this will not happen again. Thank you so much for this information. In the mean time, guess it will just be dark. I’d rather not reboot the router if I don’t have to - I could lose everything so it isn’t worth the risk.

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