Offline after power outage

All my 4 cameras are showing offline after a power outage. This is in my vacation home, so I have no access. Foscam cams are working fine. I restarted the WiFi remotely, Ubiquity is great. but Wyze cama are still offline. Everything else is working fine. Now I have a worthless security system.

Device model: Wyze Cam v2
Firmware version:

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That is to bad. I had a similar experience last summer after a mass upgrade.
Perhaps that is partially why they try to emphasize the Wyze cams are NOT security cams.
Can you try turning the WiFi off again? This fall I had a power outage 900 miles away. All cameras went down, came back up after power was restored.

I’ve encountered the same thing. Sometimes my cams recover after a power failure; sometimes not, and I have to power-cycle them manually to get them back online.

I think it has something to do with start-up timing. When the power was restored at your vacation home, the cameras would have booted up immediately after the power came back on. But it probably took a minute or two for the router to boot up and then re-establish internet connection with your ISP. During that interval, the cameras can become unhappy since they couldn’t phone home as they powered up. They should reconnect to WyzeHQ after internet service is restored, but sometimes they don’t.

As gemnii suggested, try cycling WiFi off again, but leave it off for a few minutes. That might help coerce them into getting back on-line. Or might not…

I have a smart plug with a schedule to power off at 3am and back on at 3:01am (time where nothing is typically being used). I use this to reboot my router/modem/wifi every night. It has increased the reliability of my systems in big way.

And this can also be done with a simple timer.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I will reboot the AP again tomorrow. I gather that the solution lies with the firmware were the cameras should attempt to reconnect every x minutes when they are offline.


Just suggesting it might. I have not seen anything written by Wyze about the time that it takes for the V2 to time out trying to connect.

I will thanks.