Cams fail to recover from intermittent power loss

Today I experienced a very short loss of house power of 2 to 3 seconds. My TV is on a UPS so I almost didn’t notice. Later I checked my three V2 cams and found two offline. The only one working was connected to a small UPS. I also have all network functions on a UPS.

I could not re-enable the offline cams from my app after power was restored. I had to pull out the AC plugs, wait 15 seconds and reinsert plug. Anything quicker resulted in cam remaining offline.

Is there any way the cams can successfully recover from a power outage when power resumes, no matter how short or long the power is out?

If this “being off after a power outage” is by design, please let me know. My DLink cams would come back online after an outage without being on a UPS, but they lack other features that Wyze cams have.

I am not asking for a UPS/Always up solution. I just want the cams to come back on after a power outage.

I hope this is possible.

@ssummerlin My cameras have always come back online after a power outage. I really do not know why some experience their cameras not reconnecting after a break in power. Using a smart plug does help to do a quick power-cycle on the cameras. I know that is not a solution but it makes it nice if you need to power-cycle a camera remotely. Just me thinking, it could be the type of router being used but that is just a good guess to why some experience this problem. After reading other posts, I see those that replaced their router with a better one and that seemed to solve their connection problems.


I had a power outage this morning as well. All of my cameras came back online with no problems. However, I’m now using an Amplifi HD mesh system. When I was still using a Netgear Nighthawk R7000, I would have problems after a power outage. I would have to reboot my router and/or power cycle my cameras. Now, I no longer have to do that. This is a YMMV issue depending on what your network configuration and/or hardware is.


@StopICU33 Thanks for your information. I like the plug idea as a workaround. It would be cheaper than buying another UPS. The router is on a UPS but maybe it could have kept the connections open and not allowed a reconnection? :thinking:

I did put on of the two failed cameras on UPS. I forgot I had a 125va just sitting there. I will see what happens the the remaining cam without backup.


@DreadPirateRush Thanks for your input. The router was on a UPS and sat close to one of the cams, but I can see that it is possible.

My ac router has served me well. I was holding out for an 802.11ax and then I heard about 802.11be. There is also the idea of going with Mesh. I still need to do some more research before deciding on a route for a new router. For right now, I used another UPS to keep a second camera up. The third is not as needed in my locked-fenced backyard.

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I’ve had that happen once last summer after an upgrade to a new firmware. The house experienced several power outages a week, usually short time periods, < 2 minutes. Cams always came back online. Made the mistake of updating them all about the end of July. Next power outage they all 6 went down and had to be plugged/unplugged.
A short while later, another upgrade, they didn’t do it anymore.


Hay ! I have that exact same UPS for router & modem :slightly_smiling_face:

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