Why does the camera need to be power cycled after internet or power loss

So I have the Wyze Cam Pan and I absolutely love it for the quality and ease of use, but the only major issue I have is that, every time I lose internet connection or power, it doesn’t connect automatically and wants me to power-cycle it before it can work again. This is quite convenient, especially if you have the camera on a remote location that you cant just go in and power off or on. The camera is running the latest firmware.
Please let me know if there is any solution for this problem.


A smart plug can power cycle your cameras when you are away from home. You can find them just about anywhere.

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Good idea, now I need to find those with the European standard, since I have the cameras in my house in Europe, but I live in the US :slight_smile:
But still, why would the camera not reconnect automatically, I have other brand cameras that have no issues with that.

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I’m not sure why this happens, but I’m sure the Wyze team will resolve this issue as soon as they find a fix for it. They are a super team and they are aware of this problem.

Many times this isn’t an issue with the camera, but with the router itself. How quickly does your modem and/or router reset after a resoration of power? Also, if you see a -90 error, try a “Restart Device” from the device settings page in the app.


Exactly @DreadPirateRush. I’m assuming the power outage is whole house? I’ve never experienced what you describe, but that may be because I have my cable modem & router on a small UPS. That UPS can keep them running for 2-1/2 to 3 hours, so at the end of most power outages they are already up and running and ready to go when power is restored. If there is an issue with the way the Pans or even the V2s recover when the router is still booting back up, then this may solve the issue under most circumstances.

The real reason I put those two units on a UPS is because my local Internet provider is also UPS’d, and remains up during a power outage. This lets me cruise the Internet and get mail on my iPads when there is little else to do. :grin::+1:


This has made me curious as I know I have issues with the Eufy cam, my wyze cams are in the post

If you loose internet but keep WiFi how do they behave?

With Eufy cam if you loose internet but keep ethernet then it doesn’t record anything
But if you loose ethernet it works fine

You’ve kind of switched the subject, but in the case where you keep your WiFi and only lose access to the Internet, you will lose connection to the cameras locally within 3 minutes. There is a reauthorization that takes place about that often. Wyze is discussing now whether this will stay this way.

In the topic of this discussion, in my case I would still be able get to my cams during a power outage because my ISP is UPS’d and I have a UPS on my router & modem. However, my cams would need to also be UPS’d to do that (and they’re not).


Sorry the OP said lost internet or power so I thought it was a relevant question knowing how another system plays up in the same situation

Thanks for the reauthorization info, is that recurring until it does connect?

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Ah, yes, you’re right. They did call out both scenarios. :+1:

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I have remote connection to my computer there and thats how I know that the internet is back and I can connect to it, but the camera is not coming back online even and hour later, till is power-cycled. And yes I am getting the error code 90.

Well, @StopICU33 said Wyze is aware, so the UPS to keep your modem & router from rebooting or a set of smart plugs to power-cycle your cams thru your recovered router are the only solutions I see ATM.

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Next time it happens, please try the “Restart Device” in device settings. I know it’s a reach because cameras don’t seem to connect to your router, but it’s worth a try.

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Yes I tried that right away, but its saying not connected to the network.

In that case, as others have stated, smart plugs (or different router) may be the way to go. Then you would have to worry whether the smart plugs connect to the router, or not. :man_shrugging:

Yes I guess that would be the only solution for the moment. Thanks.


Hi you said that you managed to connect to connect to your computer, do you have power state on after power fail?
Wouldn’t it be more likely that it was a internet / router issues over a power cut if the computer was fine?

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Yes I think its definitely the internet at this point, but again the laptop comes back on line as soon as the internet comes back, as the camera just sits there till is physically powered off and on.

Then smart plugs may be the best thing to try for now.