A thought regarding camera disconnections

Hi there! I have 6 V3’s on my property, and I had a thought about Wyze Cam’s disconnecting and requiring a power cycle. Everyone with a Wyze cam has experienced this before. In my case, at least one of my cameras goes offline every week, requiring a power cycle. Besides being a nuisance to do this, I am often not home for extended periods of time, which leaves me worried about what might be going on that I can’t see.

So, why not push a firmware update that automatically power cycles the cameras when they go offline? Surely, there’s a way to do this. I don’t see why manually unplugging/plugging back in is the only solution to this recurring problem that all Wyze users experience. Thoughts?


None of my 8 cameras go off line frequently but they have on rare occasions. That is why I have them all connected to smart plugs made by a different company TP-Link KASA Smart Plugs. It’s just another app I had to add to my phone and it works great, no ladders involved and I can do it from across the country. :grin: :grin:
An Auto fix would be better as you suggested.

Be careful with what you ask for - you may get it…

I can see a host of problems with the cameras automatically doing a power cycle if they lose connection. Remember that the cameras become a brick after a power cycle until they are able to reconnect. So your internet fails (ISP or distribution failure - or your local WiFi) for whatever the timeout is, and all your cameras just became bricks. Lord help you if you have a camera in a vehicle that only has a connection at home.

Good point. My ISP Xfinity and the power here goes off more frequently than my cams disconnecting for unknow reasons.

It’s already a brick until it power cycles. I’m not talking about automatically performing an instant power cycle the moment a connection drops, more like, “hey, this camera can’t connect to the network for several minutes now, we need to reboot.”

Actually generally they are not. Local uSD card recording usually works fine after a network disconnection - until a power cycle.

You’ve never had an ISP outage that lasted more than a few minutes?

My last power loss was a couple off weeks ago in the morning and lasted 3 hours. I got a text message from Xfinity that said their power was down also and would advise when they were back up again which was soon after power for the area was restored.

Cams cannot power cycle themselves. When plugged in, they are powered… always. There is no hardware switch within the cam that can disconnect the power and reconnect it. Even when the cam is turned off in the app it is still powered and drawing current for the WiFi and antaenna.

The best that can be accomplished is a cam reboot. However this is just a “soft” reboot as it doesn’t clear the RAM in the cam. It simply forces an immediate rerun of the startup boot routine.

Have you tried making a rule to reset the cameras? It’s not a power cycle, more of a soft reset but that may help you in this situation.

I do this and reset various groups of cameras at off hours at different times.

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