intermittent connection

Hi I have two wyze cams set up in my home. One cam is about 8’ from the modem/ router and the other is in the next room about 10’ from the modem/router.

They have been intermittently disconnecting. One will work okay, the other I cant view. Then the one that I couldnt view works an the other doesnt.

How do I power cycle the cams?

To power cycle, just unplug the camera, wait 10-15 seconds and plug it back in.

However, when it disconnects, be patient. Sometimes they come back up in a few seconds. Also, sometimes force quitting the app and restarting it will bring it back without power cycling the camera.

I have 2 cameras and each one is only 3 ft. away from modem and WiFi extender but at least once a week it disconnects and I have to reset it. Is there a fix with this problem?

I have the same issue. Sometimes it comes back on it’s own if I check later that day, and sometimes I have to manually reset the camera.

Question for the developers regarding the overall issue of intermittent connectivity … since power-cycling the camera nearly ALWAYS resolves the problem, would you be willing to add an option in Settings so that at user’s discretion, the camera would power-cycle ITSELF when it determines that it has lost connectivity? For instance, if the camera senses that its “blue light is flashing”, which is what I observe 99% of the time when I cannot connect to the Live stream, then the camera could reboot itself. As you know, some customers are purchasing Smart Outlets to address this. My method, if feasible, would not only save us the cost of the Smart Outlet (and in my case a hub), but more importantly a trip to the room/location of the misbehaving camera (s). Your thoughts?

I have 5 cameras, all will notify me when they detect something, however I have one camera I can not connect to view live video. I reinstalled the app on my iPhone and iPad and that did not help. I am 2000 miles away from the camera so to turn it off and back on is not an option. It worked for the first 2 weeks, then it would work for a day or two, as of a few days ago stopped working any ideas?

If you are not able to get to the camera (out of town, etc.) other than force closing the app nothing else can be done? Does it eventually come back on?

If, for example, the power goes out for a second or 2, and then comes back on, it appears there is some bug reconnecting everything. In the app, if you select a camera, it will show the error message “Authentication failed. Key expired” (see pic). When you back out of the screen, and, then try selecting the camera again, everything then works.

I’m unsure if the camera is functioning correctly until the 2nd try. Irregardless, that is a bug.

My cameras are all on backup battery pack. My one camera as noted above still will not connect but I am still getting alerts…go figure…

Can you plz tell us precisely how you are powering your cameras? Not needing to route any cables to the cameras would be great. Thx.



I have several of these


Power sometimes drops for a few seconds so they are on the desk top computer, internet wifi, DVR and all of my cameras.

Update…not good!


So all day yesterday I could not connect to any of the 5 cameras via my iPad or iPhone, today 3 of the 5 cameras are working!!


Anyone have this happen to them, very weird.

TWIC, I had the same issue yesterday! I could not connect to my 3 cameras most of the day! I thought it was my phone so I checked via my tablet and same result. I would get authentication error or I would finally get a view however the camera wasn’t recording. My internet was up and running and my three Amazon Cloud cameras were working fine. It was weird! By early evening everything was back to normal! All three WYZE cameras connected and they have been fine today!



Thanks makes feel a little better, but still a pain, this keeps up I will loose the remaining 3 cameras. I was going to add a few new cameras when they come out in a few weeks, now thinking I need to investigate another company…guess the $20 was too good to be and work …

Back to the drawing board for better options.

Try taking a screenshot of the error message you are receiving, and, include it here. That helps the developers find bugs, and, also lets others know if the issue they are having has already been reported.



I do not get an error message the camera just not connect the " connecting camera (1/3) " just continues to run without connecting on both cameras.

Any thoughts from the developers re: my suggestion on 2/14? (sorry, I meant for this to be a reply to my own post on 2/14 … having said that, I wish there were an option to Delete a message here in the forums, if you were the author of course)


Please don’t give up on these cameras yet! Other than that blip my three cameras have worked flawlessly! I have on in my livingroom, I have one outside protecting the front door and one outside protecting my back door. Everyone’s internet set up is different. I noticed my back door camera had the same result you are seeing when I was setting it up. I added a range extender in my back room and the back door camera is connecting fine. I have two more cameras on order and I actually will pick up another! I have many areas I want to monitor. I think the issue you are seeing is due to your placement of your cameras. One trick you might try is logging out of the app and log back in! Try that!



The 2 cameras that I have lost connection to are 5’ and 10’ in view of the wifi extender so that is not the problem. I deleted the app on my iPhone and iPad and that did not solve the problem. The only good thing is I still get notifications from the cameras that part really gets me. If I can not connect to the cameras how is it I still notifications??



I am not a developer for WYZE, however maybe you can check a few settings? You mention you are “5′ and 10′ in view of the wifi extender”. When you set up the WIFI extender, did you use the same SSID and Password as the original WiFi router or did you give it a new name and password? Can you check the “Device Info” under settings on each camera, which are not connecting, and verify you are connected to the network you think you are? I know this sounds crazy however you may be close to your extender except the camera is actually trying to connect to your WiFi router and getting very week signal! This could explain the fact you get notifications however no video. Video requires more bandwidth, better signal. You may also want to download an app to your phone which shows you signal strength of your WiFi. I prefer an app called “WiFi Signal”. I use it to test all of my locations. You want a nice low number because it is measured in negative numbers so in this case, you want to see anywhere from -30 dBm to -67 dBm. -30 is the best!! -67 is adequate. -90… no good!
I hope this helps you. Side note, if you named your extender with a different SSID then your WiFi Router, make sure your camera is connected to the extender SSID. The SSID is the name of your network! You see it every time you scan for WiFi networks. Good luck!