Camera after 16 months working non-stop, started to go offline daily

I’ve had this first wyze cam for over a year. Its been in same location since day 1 and never goes offline. Over past couple day. Every half a day or so. The camera goes offline. If i reboot it it comes back. I’ve rebooted it 4 times in the last 2 days.

What would be issue?


Has anything changed related to your Wifi network? For example, has the Wifi router been moved?

Nope been in same location and same password since i moved in years ago

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Replace USB power supply. Check cabling. Replace with new camera. Roughly in that order. :slight_smile:

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Has your neighbor put in a new wifi system on the same channel as yours? Does it have a SD card in it? If you remove or replace the card does it work better?

I’ll give those a try and report back, thanks

Nope, same old neighbours, removing SD card make’s no diff.

This is what I did

Took camera from original location (front porch). Cleaned and dusted it, plugged it into diff outlet inside. So far 5 hours in, did not go offline. I also noticied wheen I took it down, blue light was solid.

In it’s place, I plugged in another USB Device to see if that turns off after 5 hours, so far thats been on too.

Going to give these both 48 hours to see if either turn off. If camera still works fine, going to return to it’s original place with original usb adapter and usb cable.

Omg this makes NO SENSE at ALL

So after 30 hours of my camera + usb power adapter + cable moved to a diff outlet, stayed online and never went offline. I moved the camera back to it’s original location. And only 6 hours later, went offline, but my light still is showing blue in the back… this is weird.

I know its not my power outlet, cuz I had something else plugged into exact location (battery charger), and 30 hours plus, never went off.

should I change USB Cable + usb power outlet anyway? It makes no sense, cuz it worked for 30 hours stright when I moved it to diff outlet

I keep getting Error Code 90, which apprently means internet connection. Cuz camera is still solid blue light and it’s on, so its not a power issue.

But when I moved it to a diff location yestetrday, it was on for 30 hours stright, anyone have any idea? is this 1 camera faulty?

Wait, I thought you meant it was turning off. Losing connectivity is another story. That would mean we’re back to questioning distance from the router and possible interference…

Ya it seems power stays on, and just goes offline

Distance should be fine, I have 2 AP’s on on my main floor and one on my 2nd floor, signal strength is 80-100%.

my iphone shows Error -90
my android tablet shows error -20010

so what I am going to do is create a new SSID that is 2.4GHz only, and put all my smart devices on there (including wyze), and see if it’s better results. The current SSID it’s on is my main SSID with everyhting on it, and its set to auto-2.4/5GHz. My new smarthome ssid I am going to make 2.4GHZ only.

will report back with results

That sounds like a good approach. Good luck.

Ok so I moved all my Smart Devices and Wyze Devices onto it’s own 2.4GHz Network. Worked great for about 6 hours, then I got error code 90 again that device is offline (on the 1 faulty camera, front door one). But I check the device, and it’s powered on, and on my router, it says the device is online. But if I reboot it, only then the stream works.

Its been working for 16 months with no issues! It almost seems like since the most recent wyze update, this 1 camera keeps going offline.

Any other ideas?

Sorry, I’ve got nothing - I hope someone more experienced comes by.

ive also sent in my logs to Wyze Support through the app, maybe they can help?

Yes, definitely get support in on it as well.

What is the strength to WiFi, when it is working? It could be that because it is far away, there is some glitch where it turns off due to too many failed packets over time. That’s only a guess, but, from what it sounds like, a possibility.

I feel your frustration! Have been there and done that as they say. :rage:

So cam is reliable inside but not outside? What about direct sun and heat? Mostly not, but sometimes my cams in sunny windows act a lot more flaky than the ones in cool shade.

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Wifi is perfect, the camera is only like 4-5m away from access point. 80-90% signal strength. Its been in this location for over 16 months, and only now the stream stopped working.

FYI, when the “stream stopps working”, the actual IP Address of the wyze cam is still showing as online in my router. And it’s IP Address still works.

I don’t know if this effects it but i also have following

  • TinyCam Pro running 24/7 on my Nvidia SHeild Android Box
  • Cheap Android Tablet in living room with wyze app open also running 24/7 showing streams
  • Another Android box in my office upstairs with TinyCam Pro also running 24/7

I thought the issue was because of my cheap android tablet, but even while it’s off and my other 2 tinycam pro’s being off, my 1 front door camera still disconnects.

Here is the weird thing, when I moved the EXACT camera + usb adapter + cable ti a diff outlet about 2m from where it is right now. It was able to stream for 30 hours stright. no cutoff.

Is there a way to Factory Reset the camera? Maybe I need to leave it off for x amount of days?

U know what I could do, is put a diff wyze camera in the location of the front door camera, and see if it disconnects, if it does not, could it mean my front door camera is faulty when operating in that specific location?

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my front door camera is 100% protected from all elements, its under my porch, it gets no sun, no rain, no snow, no wind, Nothing Nadda… its basically like its inside, Tucked in the corner with as much protection as it gets.

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