Camera has gone off line

One of my cameras went offline while I was away so no security. I am back now and trying to get it to connect. The Wyze app reports “Device is offline (error code 90) Please check your internet connection or power cycle the camera.”
Internet is fine and I have power-cycled the camera numerous times but it does not come back.
any suggestions on how I can get it working again?

How did you test your network? Did you turn off the 5GHz temporary to make sure you were on the same network? Sometimes when the SSID is the same weirdness can happen with 2.5GHz only devices.

Yes I did and I checked the wifi with an app, good signal strength. I think I will have to delete the camera and add it back again :frowning:

Force close and restart the app? Which version of camera?


I tried that but no luck, it’s V2. I have removed it and added it back, that got it working,thanks.

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i have 3 v2’s. goes offline at least 5 times a month. 3 v3’s, solid for a month.