Camera App Says Offline

The wifi where the camera is located went out but is back up. I have unpluged camera and plugged back in. Blue light is solid but app still says offline. Is there anything else I can try?

Force close the app or reboot your phone.

Didn’t work. I’m wondering if a storm got the camera?

When it shows offline, connect to it anyway. Do you get live video? I had several do that a week or two ago. I could watch the live video just fine, but if I tried to watch old video from the SD card, it said the camera was not connected.
Power cycle of each camera fixed them.

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Yeah I don’t know. It want let me turn the camera off or restart the camera on my app. I get a “failed” message.

I’m also getting constant Error Code 90’s (Device offline).

This just started happening a few days ago and it’s regularly happening on all four of my V2s and my Pan.

Wifi is fine, all units have power, I’ve reset and force closed.

Often times if I refresh 5-6 times, it will eventually connect.

Any other troubleshooting tips?

That’s the exact same error code I am getting and mine started a few days ago as well. No matter how many times I try, mine won’t connect.

I have 3 v2 cameras offline with error code 90. Started sometime before yesterday. They are all connected to my wifi network, but they think they’re offline. Pulled power from one but it hasn’t helped. Force-quit app and reboot phone no help.

Wyze reported an AWS outage late night on 7 July, I wonder whether that caused a problem for some cameras.

I actually got mine working. I deleted the device and started the set up over again. It is now working.

I’ve experienced this numerous times over the past year when the power fails for longer than the battery backups can last. All of the above have worked at different times, and in worst case I power off the cams for a good few minutes while rebooting internet modem and wifi router etc.

Once I can log into the router with a browser and can also surf, then I start powering up the cams again. Then I wait. So far everything has reconnected in less than 5 or 10 minutes.

If the cams come up before the internet is available, it ~sometimes~ seems to confuse the Wyze V2 cams.

But on an almost daily basis I hit momentary connection failures which are fixed by closing the phone app and immediately reopening it. I’m pretty sure this is just due to poor cellular coverage.

Just to close the loop, I made an error with my network configuration. That’s what knocked my cameras offline. If you see “error -90” it probably is some kind of network problem.

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