Automatically restart the devices if it can't connect to wyze

I have the v1 cameras, and while I noticed their connectivity is much improved, there are still times when I can’t connect to the camera, and the app asks me to cycle to camera. That’s hard to do when I’m away from the house, or it requires me to install a smart plug which racks up the cost of these cameras. Right now, I have a mechanical timer that cuts the power to my camera that has its power supply in our attic once a night, but that requires more power, plus it kills my feed for 30 minutes each night, but it’s a lot better than having to drive home out of state to cycle the power on these.

So I ask that you add a feature that automatically cycles the camera after x minutes when it cannot connect to wyze servers, and to repeatably reboot the camera x times. The variable can be at your discretion, or user selectable (preferred).

This is one of the reasons why I haven’t bothered to buy more cameras, because of the connectivity issue that require a manual restart (as well as not being able to record to a 3rd party device so I can play all the cameras on one screen without the app). The connection problem plus the other is the main reason why I haven’t covered my house with wyze cams.

Why in the world hasn’t this gotten some attention?? @UserCustomerGwen

I have often wondered why WiFi cameras never have this feature. This has been a problem since I started using WiFi cams a decade ago. The cam is absolutely useless without the connection. The cam already has code in it to ping a remote server and software triggerable reboot via the app. Why not let it take care of itself as @KWLA suggests??

This seems like a ==> no brainer, low hanging fruit, quick win, dependable, totally head and shoulders above the competition idea.


Thanks for tagging me here! I’ll move this over to the Roadmap for dev consideration. :slight_smile:

@MMediaman, don’t forget to vote for this now!


Probably because it’s not a widespread issue, I have found its usually poor wifi signal that causes these issues. I have good wifi coverage on all my cameras and I rarely have a connection issue.

Good for you that your WiFi is super stable. Not everyone may have, or can achieve that type of stability. There are so many flavors or routers etc. out there, which introduce many factors that can contribute to a Wyze cam losing its status and require restart.

The worse part is that rare occasion when it happens and you have no video evidence of an event because the cam was offline. - Murphy’s Law.

Sadly a lot of users just accept whatever is offered and don’t ask for, or conceive how something can be made better.


Most users would research and do what they could to improve their network, instead of asking another company to spend their resources to incorporate a feature that most don’t need. Wifi extenders are not that expensive.

Most users don’t even know enough to change the default password to their router, let alone “improve their network”. I work in IT for a living and consider myself very technical yet I have have had to restart my Wyze cams because they stopped being connected. Its not about improving your network since the camera is still connected to the WiFi enough to receive the restart instruction when the existing manual restart works. Its about making the “solution” more robust.


I’m encouraging Wyze users to please vote for the automatic restart feature. Please realize that such a feature can be a life-saver. There is nothing worse than an event not being captured by your camera because it is somehow frozen, unresponsive or not connected to the network.

Please vote here [at the top of this page]


Improving your wifi connection to the cam can be done my repositioning it and your router closer together, with fewer physical obstacles in the way. My Wyze cam can be placed even outside dramatically much farther away from the router than any of the more costly cams from my home security alarm provider. So I’m guessing your router issue is location, location, location.

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Devices can’t always be repositioned as a practical matter. I’ve already given examples of why this feature is useful. If you don’t think this feature would be useful for you, don’t vote for it.


What is the status to add this feature in. Currently, I have 4 cams, they are not stable, and I have to manually reboot frequently.
The earlier version of the App had a option to restart the cams based on a schedule. But the option is not available in he latest version. However, the restart by App is not good option Compared to let the cam automatically restart. If that is hard to do and take more time, I would further suggested an easier option to implement.

Revise the firmware so that it allow user to setup an schedule to reboot he cam within the camera. This is much better than using the App’s schedule and App try to restart the cam.


Hi, @peterz.home! Here is the post on how to use the #Roadmap category. Please note the section on what the status tags stand for.

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or some users are just stuck with centurylink or some other marginal service… it has nothing to do with extenders…

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CenturyLink is a wonderful company :grin: maybe you live in an area where you’re too far from the CO. Even if you had a 100mb connection, if you’re wifi signal is crap, you’ll have issues. You need good/adequate wifi coverage, that’s where extenders help. You can’t always blame your ISP.

maybe where you are but in NW NJ it sucks… sorry…
It drops frequently…

That may be so, but the feature the OP is requesting would not be useful for ISP issues. You can disconnect your WAN/ISP and have good wifi signal & you can still access the cams if your phone is connected to the same wifi.

The majority of connection issues are related to poor wifi coverage, even if wyze implemented this feature, it’s just a bandaid fix. The real fix is to improve your wifi coverage.

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apparently I’ve not the only one suffering from this and you you are correct about getting better wifi but since our govt has decided we no longer actually regulate the carriers that is COMPLETELY up to earthlink… and since i’m a hundred miles away, its pretty difficult for me to have my phone connected to the same wifi…

I’ve seen a few requests for this kind of thing. I think it’d be really cool as well.

Vote it up!

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I have 3 Wyze Cam V2’s and LOVE them. I have one in my family room, one in my garage, and one on my porch in an outdoor housing mounted under the eaves of my roof.

For context, the one in my family room is the farthest away from my router and gets about 60% signal strength and has worked perfectly ever since setting it up several months ago. However, I recently added the one on my porch which has around 85% signal strength and consistently drops connection to WiFi around every 3 days. It’s plugged in to a switch so I can power cycle pretty easily when I find it’s disconnected.

My question/topic is: When a Wyze Cam drops connection, I would love to get an alert saying that. “Porch camera is not connected.” Currently, it’s not immediately obvious when a camera disconnects. Often times several hours to a day can go by without realizing it’s not even connected to WiFi. Please update ASAP to alert when cameras become disconnected.

Additionally, I think after 5 failed reconnection attempts it should reboot itself. This would make the system much more reliable and pretty fail-proof. This would be especially useful when out of town or traveling.

Great work on such a great, easy system!


I too would love to see a scheduled restart feature. I have a cottage in a somewhat remote area. I have a rock solid wifi connection but I sometimes loose connectivity to the cameras. This only happens after power outages. I believe what happens is the Wyze camera boots faster than the router and can’t get an IP. It’s a 2 hr drive each way to reset the cameras. That being said I love the cameras and many of the features. If only a TV remote was as easy to set up and use as a Wyze Cam :slight_smile: