Power Cycle From Afar?

Telling me (a fellow user) or posting your complaint in a user forum where there is little Wyze presence will do little good. We really need you to submit a ticket with the issue. This will give the problem visibility.

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Not at this time. Most router manufacturers do, however.

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I’m fully aware of the correct procedures…I’ve submitted 2 tickets.

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I’m looking for a way to extend the connection between the camera / bridge and the Wyze Sense contact sensors.

Ah. sorry, I thought you were looking for a standard WiFi range extender. The sensors work on a simple 950MHz RF frequency, so the only way to extend range is either move the bridge closer to the sensors or buy a second bridge. Unfortunately, they don’t yet sell the bridge separately, so you have to buy a $20 starter kit to get one.

But the bridge needs to be in a camera, so you saying I’d need an additional camera to extend the bridge connectivity?

Yes, the bridge will interpret the RF signal and put the sensor information on the WiFi network. To do that the bridge has to be plugged into a camera.

I’m lucky in that I have 7 cameras, so I can adjust quite easily. I had the bridge in 3 different cameras before I found one that all the sensors were all happy with.

I have 3 cameras, but all designated for specific purposes…so no extras and I’m not buying another camera (no matter how cheap they are) just to have a location for another bridge.

If Wyze had a range extender were you be willing to buy it?
Think of an additional camera as a range extender. :slight_smile:

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A WIFI signal strength indicator would be handy in the camera info panel. I have that on my elcheapo wifi smart plugs.

There is one under Settings–>Device Info but it’s not very good. I’ve had 2 cameras side by side show values off by 10%.
Instead I rely on my Android apps - mainly WiFi Analyzer.

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If you use a wifi switch, make sure you pick one that remembers the power state after a power outage. And actually the new Wyze switches may do very well at this. I have mine reboot on Mon and Thurs morning. Otherwise the SD card seems to “go away” from the camera “seeing” it.

Not sure I understand this whole issue. Yes, I have a wifi switch connected to my Pan Cam so I can reboot when it freezes, but WHY should we have to do this? Instead of us trying to figure out the best way to restart our cameras when they quit working, Wyze should be putting max effort in figuring out what’s going on and coming up with a solution. We have to spend extra money and do extra things to keep their product working…does anyone else see the irony in this?

tlernst - I agree with you. But like you, I also have a wifi switch and use the shortcuts to reboot all cams twice a week. My issue is - the wifi switches I had extras of laying arouund, default to power off after a power loss - so no video until I notice the wyze cam are off line. I’ve now added a small ups (I wasn’t using) to the one wyze with the sense module to keep the switch on :frowning:
Hopefully they will become more stable.

I too use a UPS to keep power to the WiFi switch powering my Wyze, as well as all my WiFi systems. So a power outage (unless extended) won’t put my home security off line. But, when traveling I find myself checking quite often to make sure my cameras are still operating. WYZE, this shouldn’t be SOP.

@crosstraxcmi yes maybe the wyze plug! And you could power cycle with it, other way is to install a timer and set it to turn it off 1 minute and then on all days at 1:00AM and you know that if something happens it will power cycle itself at 1AM

Just yesterday I experienced a couple power surges at my home while viewing my WYZE devices. I have two residence 1000 miles apart and these power surges happen quite often in both places. Someone has suggested that this problem as not been fix because it doesn’t happen frequently enough. Bad thinking. If you plan on having a real company instead of a hobby company you need to fix this problem. Others have suggested that this issue as a WiFi connectivity problem and are suggesting a fix in software. This assumes that the software is not corrupted by the power surge (in my case). The person who as put the WiFi plug in series with the power has shown Wyze the way to solve this issue. Remove the power for about 10 seconds and allow power after that. I initially unplugged the power for one second and then back On and this did not fix the issue. The fix involves a hardware change independent of software similar to a Watchdog monitor. This would be a true Power On Reset which would solve virtually all power surge problems and maybe even all the WiFi connectivity problems (if there really is one). My V1 camera showed “off line” and took me a while to straighten out. It showed On on one screen and Off on another screen(software corrupted). I did a power reset by unplugging for 10 seconds and then a “device restart”. Then V1 camera displayed live video. “Reset Device”, a software reset, would not fix the issue.

I would suggest the method of autonomous watchdog monitor to reset the device with the only connection from the main system being the trigger. When the software attempts to check itself and fails, that would be the watchdog trigger.

I also would suggest some creative negative testing or abnormal testing. Those unfamiliar with this concept use a dedicate person or team, independent of the design team, to try a number of operational abnormalities, with the objective of causing operational failure, a success. As with new design and new companies, abnormal testing is often minimal or perhaps the testing is carried out but the problem rationalized as improbable. Perhaps, these explanations of “in the field abnormal testing” can help you design abnormal tests to make your products more robust in the future if you haven’t done them in the past.

Good suggestion - power watchdog. My fix is having a wifi power plug on all my Wyze so I can reset the ones not on a UPS. Just ordered 4 of the Wyze plugs and a few more cameras. I also have my cameras auto rebooting (using the rules) once a week, as before they would sometimes lock up every couple of weeks as if there was a memory leak.

@Chess and @loonlakemi, there are two #wishlist requests you may want to visit and vote on. :slight_smile:

I wired up a 110v outlet in the attic. Installed a Wyze Plug in in, then plugged one of these into the smart plug. Now run long usb cables to your cameras and voila. When you need to power cycle remotely just cycle the plug from your Wyze app.

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