Reboot Wyzecam, via cron on the Linux that it is running on

Restarting via ifttt / or the app assumes you can connect to it, if its hung/giving connection errors you cant. if you are planning a summer long trip abroad, and wont be at home to power cycle your devices manually, it would be good to have a way to have the device restart itself every few days . I know this can be done by adding a smart plug to the setup, but if Wyzecam is running Linux, cron is already built into it. thx

umm… if the device is hung then cron triggers won’t fire… :rofl:

When you connect to a Wyzecam, you are connecting to an application which is listening on a port, one of many applications running simultaneously on its Linux OS.

When the application fails & stops listening, it stops receiving commands from the mobile app. This doesnt mean the whole Linux OS has stopped. An automated Linux reboot could very well bring that Wyzecam up again. This would be very useful for Wyzecams located in remote locations, to save the owner driving all the way there to power cycle it. These scheduled reboots are called cron jobs, not cron triggers, but you would have to be familiar with Linux & crontab to know that

Just in case you’re not aware, the internal tasks that run on the camera to feed the livestream and to respond to control commands are separate and operate over different communication channels. Therefore, even though the livestream may have failed, the Restart Device button on the camera’s Settings screen may be successful in rebooting the device. This doesn’t address the desire for scheduled reboots, but might be useful to know.

you are correct about cron jobs, and I am familiar with linux, but so much at the lower levels, but I assume that the software and kernel on the camera run in a privileged mode… (whatever counts as a ring0/1 on the camera’s CPU)… I’m used to “hang” meaning the CPU has hung on a loop and nothing responds… I suppose I should give more credit to the Wyze team here… I made my initial comment before I had spent even an hour poking around the camera.

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I was NOT aware of that, thank you for the clarification!

People are buying wifi controlled to power cycle their wyze cams when they hang. Would it be possible to solve this issue with software, rather than more hardware, by using the watchdog in linux?

It seems to have a simple enough interface. If this is not viable solution or would not solve the problem, I’d be curious to know why. Thanks.