Wyze won’t reconnect to WiFi after we lost WiFi signal at vacation home

Can we reboot Wyze remotely? Our WiFi signal frequently goes out briefly and even when it’s back up, Wyze won’t reconnect. I know WiFi is working again because our Nest works. Help

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You can restart it remotely if you can connect. If you can’t connect, it obviously wouldn’t be possible. For the future, you could consider plugging it into a Wyze Plug, and you could power cycle that remotely.

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Obviously none of this feedback will work until the camera’s come back online (assuming you are referring to camera’s). I have one 1st generation Wyze camera that was freezing and I set a schedule through the app to have the camera restart daily, this may work for you as well.

Alternatively, nerdlands’ recommendation on Wyze Plug is worthwhile, or of course, you can use different brand smart plugs if service redundancy is desirable. You can go old school and plug your camera into a plug timer :slight_smile:.

Of course, is the wifi is through your ISPs modem and the entire modem goes offline, you could consider investing in separate equipment for your wifi. If the wifi network itself stays on, you shouldn’t have this problem and you would just have to wait for your internet service to be restored.

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How do you set the schedule for it to reboot it self daily and at what time

Open the app.
Edit Rules.
Tap the plus to add rule.
Select Schedule.
Pick your camera (or group of cameras).
Select action: “Restart the camera” and tap Next.
Create the schedule as desired by checking the day and selecting a time. I would suggest a ‘low activity’ time depending on where the camera is located, I have mine restart at 5AM.
Tap save and you are done :slight_smile:

Your camera will then restart based on the schedule. You can create multiple schedules if you do not want all your camera’s to reboot at the same time.

Of course, I think the problem is likely still the wifi, I have one camera in my truck and it connects back to the wifi without issues when I return home, I never have to reboot the camera itself. This is a V2 camera. Even after re-doing my wifi at my house, all camera’s reconnected to the new system after a few minutes.

Good luck and dont hesitate to ask further questions.

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THANKX - will give it a try

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