WIFI Re-connect issues

I have a huge issue with cameras, plugs, and vacuum, re-connecting after a power loss. This is in a 2nd home that is empty for long stretches. It’s been 2 days since power was back on and router re-booted remotely. Still no devices working. My Nest thermostat re-connects immediately every time, why doesn’t Wyze?? This is a deal killer for me. Any suggestions?

This has been an issue for Whyze for some time, supposedly the latest firmware update addressed this…

The Wyze plugs suck, I use another brand that is Z-Wave compatible and doesn’t suffer from the disconnect issue.

All cameras are able to be switched off/on remotely to reset cameras with the Z-Wave devices.

LOL - I guess you could put a different brand WiFi plug on the Wyze plugs to fix when down…Just Kidding…

I would just dump the Wyze plugs & switches and replace with ones that actually work well.