Automatically restart the devices if it can't connect to wyze

Fixes like this are far far too easy to accomplish, therefore, don’t hold your breath that it will get done.


Might try plugging your cameras into a smart plug that can be cycled over the internet. Just an idea for a quick, dirty solution.


You are right, likely the simplest solution. I run a PC based automation software “HomeSeer” at my home which uses x-10 and Z-wave. I have been thinking of doing the same at the cottage but as you say, a smart plug would be quick and easy. Thanks.

I have a nest cam at my cottage that requires a frequent reset via smart plug in order to access. Plan to use smart plugs when I install WYZE gear there in the next few weeks.

Just had another experience where a Wyze V2 cam went offline and could not be restored without a hard restart. If I wasn’t on premise and had no idea the cam was offline, something bad happened that could have been captured by the cam as evidence but wasn’t because the cam was offline, I would have been pretty put off at the value of having the cam.

I just don’t see how there can be any argument against having an automatic feature for the cam to self monitor its connectivity and at least attempt to get back online by hard-reseting itself.

BTW, my WiFi is solid, using Google WiFi (Mesh network). So the suggestion that you only need a good signal for reliability is invalid in my mind, since as good as the Google mesh is supposed to be, it still screws up. There was some weird problem on my network where some devices started to report IP conflicts and I had to end up restarting my cable modem, But again, however that happened, the point is the cam should to be so robust that it can self-recover.

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Not true, my ISP had issues yesterday and when service was properly restored the camera did not come back online and I had to power cycle it.

A notification of connection lost would be great and even more so an option in app to turn on an automatic reboot after x amount of time after the camera cannot heartbeat (keep connection) with their servers or just the internet.


It would have to be user selectable for those who like to use the camera without an internet connection for long periods of time.

Yes, this would create problems for off-line users. So if it were put back in (yes, you had it, and from the looks of your comments it didn’t help), it would need to be optional.

Interesting thing is this feature was in the camera when this thread started. They just took it out with the last firmware update because the reboots interfered with off-line users of the camera. When it was in the camera (reboot after 90 minutes of no Internet), it had questionable value based on the complaints in this thread.

I use a WiFi switch. IMO, it is the only true way to regain control over the camera in a far away location. Picture a soft reboot vs hard reboot. That’s why the app has the recommendation to power cycle the cameras.

Whether it ever helped is a question. But what is for sure is there are times it won’t help. So why take a chance? Definitely get a WiFi switch if you have a camera in a very remote location.

If this gets re-implemented, it needs to be optional.

I didn’t know it was taken out but this (yesterday) was the first time I ever had to hard reboot my v2 since Feb when I bought it. Maybe it had something to do, maybe it didn’t, but it’d be nice to have the option since I do doubt Wyze had it in for no reason at all, they surely tested on their end as well.

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What is this thread you speak of?

Of course this type of feature should be optional. That goes without saying.
As for the WiFi switch solution, while that may ultimately work, its an additional expense that adds up when you have lots of cams. More importantly, if something bad happens before you manually reset via the WiFi switch and the camera does not capture the event because it was offline, you will wonder why you even have the cam.

As mentioned elsewhere, a simple push notification would even be better than the current situation. The app already knows when the cam goes offline. It has to be a simple software change to have an option for it to send a notification.

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LOL. This thread is one solid complaint (a wishlist item, no less) that the feature needed to be created, when in reality the feature existed throughout the entire thread.

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I would settle for the ability to power-cycle the device. I have sensors that show offline yet the camera is online. Usually all I have to do is cycle the sensor (door) and it works fine. Again, hard to do when I’m away which is why I have the camera to begin with!

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The camera being on-line is affected by camera-to-router distance. The sensors being on-line is affected by sensor-to-camera distance, and is a different signal with different distance capabilities than WiFi.

That said, it sounds like your sensors are missing some of their polls but can occasionally respond to status changes. I had the same problem when my unreliable sensor was 35 feet and 4 walls away from the camera with the bridge. I moved the bridge to another camera that was 20 feet and 2 walls away, and all is reliable again.

Power cycling in this instance will just force a poll, not correct the problem.

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The camera that keeps dropping off is located in the garage directly below the room with the router. Signal strength is good at 82%… There are 2 door sensors that connect to that camera that are about 15 feet away and one is frequently showing offline. Several questions: if the camera is offline doesn’t it “take down” the sensors that are attached to that camera? If so, why does one work and the other not? Why would a camera at 82% keep dropping offline? Thanks for the help and advice

After investing in Wifi plugs, I would settle for a push notification from the App when a camera is offline. This seems like the lowest hanging fruit as discussed over :point_down:

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Update. I had a replacement sent out which solved the problem. The camera was faulty. It would work momentarily then start dropping off and recyling. That said, I think a remote reboot would be very helpful

The reboot was there. You guys complained that it wasn’t. Others complained that they couldn’t use the cams off line because of the 90-minute reboot. Guess who won. Buy a smart outlet now?

If it was there, it was a poor implementation since having it as an option would not affect offline use.

In any event, push notification from the Wyze app about the cam being offline is probably a better & cheaper solution to use in conjunction with the smart plugs mentioned. … If only the push notification was available.

Same here. Two Wyze cameras. When they are wrongfully unplugged they can’t be restarted remotely. They MUST be setup once again. The solution of “restart the device” on the app is BS. It returns the camera failed to restart. However when it’s setup fresh manually it obviously goes back online. And no there is nothing wrong with the cameras. I have a CCTV camera and it works without fail even when there is a power outage it goes back online. So the restart feature in the Wyze app is bogus and should be removed. That’s why the camera costs less than a proper CCTV hard wired camera. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Wyze is still very much a work in progress until they get that sorted.

Your cameras should NOT need to be setup again because they were unplugged.