Power outage today

Had my power go off today at my house and my cameras did not come back on when the power was restored?? Anyone know why this would happen? I unplugged them and plugged them back in and they started working??
Thanks for any help!!

Please see the following thread on this issue:

I’ve only been using the cameras since March. From then to about 1 FW build before now they had been rock solid. Power goes out, systems come back on. In the thread StopI referred to I posted my recent experience. 6 cameras down all at once. 6 cameras that had gone through similar power outages numerous times with no problem.
I’ve 2 cameras with old FW that are about 900 miles away and have not had the problem.
Suggestions to fix the power sources for everything are IMHO ridiculous.
Something changed slightly in the build, us Beta testers didn’t catch it and it slipped through.
I think it may be a timing problem with the interaction of the router and camera coming up at different times and also the signal strength.
All we can do is submit logs and hope for a solution.
I’m not going to ask the wife if we can buy a $10,000 Tesla power wall so we can ensure our $20 cams keep running.

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