Power outage/restoration lost all cameras

Power went out and was restored. I have a base station and 3 cameras. All cameras now show off line Error code 90. I’ve read to disconnect power supply and plug it back in. Is this the only solution?

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When my battery powered cams have gone off line I have pulled the plug on the base for a few minutes, then plugged it back in and wait until the Led light is solid Blue again. Two of my 4 cams come back on instantly, the other two may take up to 5 min. but they come back. If your cams are easy to reach and the base Led is solid blue turn the power switch off on the camera then back on and it should connect instantly. Make sure you modem/router has been restarted. Do not ever delete the cams from the app if they are off line.


My cameras are 1200 miles away so they are not easy to reach. I’ve had the power go out at my cabin numerous times in the last couple years and NEVER had them not come back on line. That’s why I bought more for my house but these are the V2 with base station. If losing power requires me to unplug and plug them back in it seems like a fatal flaw in software. Isn’t losing the power and it coming back on the same thing as unplugging/replugging?

You didn’t say if your internet was back on line. If your equipment is 1200 miles away I suggest you purchase some smart plugs (Brand of your Choice) so you can power cycled your base and plug in cameras from your current location from your phone/device (f your modem/router are on line). I use KASA Smart Wi-Fi mini plugs but you can use whatever you like. I don’t think the power going off then back on is equal to a power cycle of a specific item, just my opinion. :upside_down_face:


The wifi has a 24 hr battery back up and never went down. The fatal flaw is apparently that the base station is plugged in to the wall. Again the power going off and coming back on is no different than unplugging it and plugging it back in so?

The magic of smart Plugs at remote locations is you have a backup plan if something goes awry. In this case it is hard to say what went awry, but something did. A power cycle may fix that.

smash Having the power tripped, flicker, or, go OFF for 5 minutes is NOT the same as unplugging/replugging.

Unplugging, then waiting 1 minute, then replugging, which is colloquially known as #kickingtheplug, is a troubleshooting technique for all electronic devices, including things like TVs and microwaves.

Here’s a scenario…
person1: this thing is broken… I officially give up!
person2: have you tried kicking the plug?
person1: might as well give that a try before I kick this junk all the way to the curb.
… 2 minutes later …
person1: holy schnikes… that worked… you are a miracle worker!

The question remains, have the router come back online or not? I have a cottage some 600 Km away and when the power goes off the router is the last one that comes back on line. Some times it just hangs there with a red light on it. The cameras never connect unless I do a remote reboot to the router for the second time. I have everything on smart plugs just for cases like this. Also the modem/router is connected to a smart plug that is connected to a timer switch that power cycles daily.

When I decided to install cameras to my cottage, my first line of defense was to make sure I have a way of power cycling my cameras and modem/router.

EDIT: Pray for another power outage, things might come back. Just couple of days ago my cameras were off for 24 hours because the modem/router froze after the power came back and the plugs were unreachable. I had to wait until the next morning for the timer to reboot the modem/router and everything was fine.

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habib: As I said before but apparently you did not read is it has a battery back up so the router never went off line.
tbagcam: you can, “SAY”, anything but without explanation it is totally lacking in merit. As I also said before if a device such as the Wyze base fails with a power outage it is a design flaw regardless.
I did get someone to go over and unplug and replug the base and everything is now working. I shall install a smart plug. Thank you all