Outdoor Cam all offline since Friday

Anyone else having a problem with outdoor cams being offline? I tried turning off and on, didn’t work. I tried re sync to home base and also didn’t work. Is there an outtage?

I have four and the have all been working. Pull the plug on the base and power it back up again that usually works. Wait until the light on the base turns solid blue and check your cams. Mine usually all connect automatically within 5 min. but the other day all the power went off here for a few hours and they did not and I got tired of waiting. I went to the cams and turned the power switch on the back off then on and they all connected instantly. Do not delete the cams from the app is they show off-line, they will not connect ever again.

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Thanks! Two of the four cameras came back online, just as you said! Maybe I need to wait a little longer.

Or if you can access them easily just turn the cam power switch off then back on. But if you don’t like ladders just wait and see if they come back.