My cameras are offline and cant get back

My cameras are offline and can’t get it back online

What color is the LED on the base station, is it solid blue or flashing blue? Pull the plug on the base, leave it off for about 1 minute, plug back in and see if the LED light turns solid blue. If it does the cams should come back on line, sometime it takes a while for them to come back. Whatever you do ,do not delete your cams from the app when they are off line.
The cams I have been using since October 2020 will all show off line about every 3 or 4 months, I just power cycle the base station with a smart plug even if the LED is solid blue and they all come right back up.
Did you do a recent firmware update or have a loss of power or internet?

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How do you “power cycle”?

(Power Cycle = Pull the plug,) wait one minute and plug back in. If you are talking about the Battery powered outdoor cams pull the plug on the base, wait about 1 Min. Plug it back it and watch the LED light on top of the base. It should go yellow, flashing blue then Solid blue. After the base is solid blue it may take a while for the cams to come back on line. I have 2 that come back on line rapidly and the other two take 5-10 min unless I take them down, turn the power switch on the back of the cam off then on. Since I don’t like the ladder unless necessary I just wait. I now use smart plugs to turn the power off then on again from an app.

Is there a solution if you do delete the outdoor cams? I have had to delete my inside cameras many times and re-add them so naturally when I was receiving the error on my outdoor cams I thought it would be the same process now I have two outdoor cams that I cannot get to reset and join my hub? Someone please tell me how to add them back to my Wyze cam library, or am I just going to have to buy more outdoor cams and trash these?

NO ! if you deleted them while off line, they are not like your other cameras.
See the information in the first box, top of this page

Call support at 206-339-9646 and see if they can help you out. I believe the information I attached should be included in the camera directions that come with the cam but they are not.

yea see I called that number on support and they always tell me to 100% delete the cams from base and add back in, even after I direct them to that page you linked. This is why our issues never get resolved is because their CS team is not informed on these things.