Outdoor cam went off line; won't come back on line 1-20-2022

My outdoor cam went off line on Jan 20 2022 around 1 - 2 pm EST. I have unplugged it; charged it; turned on and off; Unplugged the base; plugged everything back in still off line; checked the software to make sure everything was up to day NOTHING.
What do I do now?

You have your battery powered cam plugged in to what? constant power, solar panel? You could always try to change the camera firmware back to a previous version. Does the base have a solid blue light on?. What does the LED light on the camera do when you turn the cam on, yellow, red, blue, flashing any of those colors?

How do you change back to a previous firmware?

Currently there are only 2 versions available for download now. These two shown on the release notes and directions below. You will need an SD card to do it, 32 GB card or less, a 8 MB card will work. Follow the directions as they are written (Important) !