System offline

Started updating new firmware (3 outdoor cams and base station) one camera updates the base station started but failed. now everything is offline and no option to continue updating

I would suggest you up date this way: Do the cams first.

I attempted to update my base station and it went offline and is solid yellow. Not had this issue before and power off/connect with different Ethernet cable to router etc doesn’t help.

They have paused the update, you may want to add what happened to you here

Thanks Jason,

I did communicate with Li Tan over on the Wyze Labs Beta Testers facebook page and contacted support this morning as recommended to initiate a replacement. The new firmware bricked my base station although this didn’t appear to happen to everyone. A reset with paper clip did not help. I understand that once you get a solid yellow light there is no going back. Part of being a beta tester though! :bug:

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