Outdoor base station won't update from to

Welll my issues continue with the base station. 2 of 2 base stations. This is a replacement sent to me a few months ago, as a previous firmware update bricked the previous one.
Now this one won’t update.
It SAYS it updated, but you exit it, and then come back in, you get 'unstable connection", and it shows it back to I can only get the update to run if I connect via ethernet. I have done this several times, same result.
I have sent the log in. #453527

I had same experiences.p with V2
but after trying for two hours of unplug, retry. no success.
Left it alone for 30 mins, my V2 magically say its firmware is to date.

Wyze firmware update is like walking a cliff edge always have drama.

You are 3 or 4 firmware version behind. Update the firmware with an SD card. Download the version of firmware you want to your computer/device, extract the sd-update file to an sd card and put it in the base,
You can do the same to update the camera firmware if they need it. Directions here: (Do it plugged into the router)


@cf7 Fast and painless way to up date. Second paragraph.

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Yeah…well that’s because the damn thing won’t update. It’s not 3 or 4 behind. (November 17, 2021) Base Station version is paused again while we investigate reports of Base Stations not working after the update
I’m not going anywhere near this one…This base was replaced because of another buggy firmware upgrade.
Thanks the the response in any case.

So did you try to update to with the SD card? I am still using base base and cam without any issues. I updated the cams to the December version and all 4 WCO recorded at 2X speed with the night vision on. I changed the firmware back to the November version to fix that issue by using the SD card. They issued base, paused it, issued, then issued again and paused it again. I’m just saying if you want your base and cams to work use the November 2021 version of the firmware.

MiNus 30Celicus out door and high up.

nit sure if it is painless.

Do you have the firmware files and could you share them by any chance? Wyze removed it from the firmware site and support wont give it to me

No I have no firmware saved. I had to update the base last week so I could update the cameras to I see they did remove all the Base firmware but the camera firmware is still available. I updated on the app from account > Firmware Update, it said I had to update the base to.45 before I could update the cams. What versions do you base and cam have? You do know that they have started auto forced updates for some devices, I don’t think they have done the base and WCO yet but will probably do it soon.

Right now my base station is bricked, so I want the offline files as a last ditch effort before tossing the base station into the bin.

Did you talk to support on the phone (206-339-9646) and ask the on “what to do now”? Someone there must have a file copy of base firmware. WYZE did state on 6 January 2022 that everyone was required to update the firmware but maybe you missed that or ignored it? Anyway be a pain in the a$$ and keep calling them and say you want an answer on how to fix your base since the removed all they files from the release notes.

My unit stopped working sometime last year, it’s not a camera that I check often and I assumed that the battery of the camera was dead. I have the blue flashing light problem and I cant connect to the base station wired or wirelessly and the reset button doesn’t do a thing. I’ve spoken to support 4 or 5 times now and everytime they just say “sorry, those files are not availble anymore since it might brick stations” well, my station is as good as bricked now, so now what? So frustrating

The flashing blue light means it is trying to connect to your network. Have you pulled the power and plugged it back in for the base? Have you power cycled your router? I assume you originally set the base up on the 2.4 network, have you changed anything in your network, new router or network name? My base has been installed since October 2020 connected via ethernet and about every 2-3 months it will start flashing blue instead of remaining solid blue so I pull the plug and restart. I don’t know the cause, it could be a slight momentary loss of connection from my internet provider???

I know they removed the firmware because version was a disaster two time and once you loaded it you could not revert back to an earlier version. I never loaded the .66 because it was suspended twice. My base has and the app said it is up to date. The .45 firmware will not brick a base.

Multiple power cycles, pinhole resets, different routers, both wired and wireless (2.4GHz) and can’t every get the Station’s SSID to broadcast during the app setup.