Failed update to WCO base station

I have 2 wireless base stations, 3 WCO on each (6 total wireless cams). I have attempted to update from firmware rev to and up, with no success on any update after .12. The base unit will just remain fast flashing blue and won’t be responsive to the Android app (usually shows offline, or stuck on Ethernet - both units are wireless connected to my router). I’ve been successful in the past by downgrading the firmware back to, where the unit and the wireless cameras work as expected. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same symptoms.

The firmware you are trying to update to is August 2021 firmware see release notes. I suggest you update with the manual method to the November 2021 version of firmware for bases and cams I have no idea if you can do this if your bases are wireless vs. connected via ethernet.

The wireless cams are revision, I’ve updated a single base to subversion 37 with no luck after the update (I didn’t want to risk updating both bases at the same time). For some strange reason, my setup works just fine with the base at subversion 12, and I’ve tried updating several time with no success, only to manually flash the firmware back to subversion 12 where it all behaves just fine. Go figure.

Your flash blue is death open a service request at or just replace the base/hub and sink the cameras to it

Flashing blue is not death, it is the base trying to connect to the network. If using the provided Wzye ethernet cable to connect base to the router I would try a different cable. The flashing blue base could have been screwed up by a firmware change I guess but most of the time that happens the base will stay sold yellow and do nothing. Have you tried to delete the base and add it back to your 2.4 ghz network again? DO NOT delete the base from your account if it shows offline.

Our neighbor lady had the same issue,re booted her router/wifi cable modem and power cycled her hub and then it was connected, she had a internet outage 1 nite and called me to come over and fix it she 89 and we do alot for her since she’s alone…she told me she likes the V3 due to its cheap,and works great with low light