Outdoor Cam Base Station Firmware Update Failed

Firmware update failed, base station light was yellow and would not change to blue, tried all things suggested not working tried deleting base station in app but will not reconnect

Hello, @pooliescorner

Welcome to the Wyze Community.

Have you tried to flash the Wyze Base Station manually? If not, you can follow the instructions below.

You can retrieve the most recent Base Station Firmware via this Zipped file.

All firmware updates can be found on Wyze’s Release Notes page in case you need anything else for future reference,

Otherwise, you can contact support directly, either Submit-a-Request online or call their phone number during the hours listed (view screen shot below).

Another option is to contact support via the Wyze app. When using this method you can choose to include your app log file, then support will receive pertinent information to further their investigation in order to find a solution.

Good luck.