Wyze Cam Outdoor, Base Station, and Wyze Plug Outdoor Firmware Released - 10/11/21

Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station, and Wyze Plug Outdoor firmware are releasing! These have experience improvements and bug fixes for connectivity, motion detection, and battery drain. :zap:

Wyze Cam Outdoor:
Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station:
Wyze Plug Outdoor:

Read our Release Notes:



Did update the firmware on my Outdoor Cams to 4.171.287. Plus is now working on one camera but not on the other.

I have submitted a log 318678

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I believe that this is the fastest firmware update I have done in the last 1 year. All 4 cams and base seem to be working fine for now.

Updates failed on both of my WCOs, after multiple attempts. I’ll try power-cycling the cameras. I wish these firmware updates weren’t so flaky.


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I did all 4 cams and base from the iOS app, took less than 15 min for all. Have your tried the manual method?

@WyzeGwendolyn I updated all four WCOs and Production base to and without a hitch. (Have three more WCOs attached to a pre-production base. Everything seems to work fine. Thank the test team for me … as you know, I’ve dropped out of all testing. Life goes on. Take care.

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I realize this is an option, but I just want the updates to perform correctly through the app. Like they should.

If I have to go that direction, I will. But doing it manually will take at least fifty times the effort as having the app update the cams like it should. Call me crazy, but I think technology should make life easier, not more difficult.


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I power-cycled the WOC Base Station and the updates completed normally. Easy fix, since my cams are onsite. But this would be problematic if I was using the WCOs at a remote location.

Still no love on switching to WiFi on the base station after the update:(


Glad to hear you are back in business. I have never tried to use the Wi-Fi because because all my cams have a good signal with the base connected via ethernet.

You should post a log here on that after a fresh attempt. Always helps to have the log entries related to that at the end of the log so they don’t have to search.

Tried manually updating my WCO base to this firmware after the debacle, still no joy, stuck on solid yellow.

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me too stuck on solid yellow light

I submit a log and ID number is 323759

stuck on solid yellow light

I submit a log and ID number is 323759

Ditto. Updated both the base & wco without a hitch.

If you are having flashing issues you may want to try flashing an older version first, then flash the newest version. I was flashing from Someone in the other thread did that as well. Hope that helps!
Both my Base and WCO are now on newest versions and working.

I tried to flash to previous firmware but no luck. Copy the old firmware to microsd card and plugin, power off then on. Nothing happened just a solid yellow light.
Please anyone from Wyze help? Last time it works flawlessly.
I need it to monitor the driveway because i park my car outside. Thought to buy a new base but not sure if this issue happening again, and if i am able to add the old wco to the new base station.

I submit a log and ID number is 323759

It’s not flashing, it’s solid yellow. I’ve tried numerous older firmware revs, no dice.

My outdoor cam, no longer connects after the recent update. It won’t pair with the base station or turn on.

I have tried to update manually too. I tried to go to .16 from the locked firmware. No dice. Submitted a log and as usual no response. The service is a joke.