Wyze Thermostat 1.1.8 Firmware and Wyze Cam Outdoor and Firmware Released - 7/14/21

Hi, Forum Friends!

Wyze Cam Outdoor firmware and Base Station firmware are releasing with a bug fix for incorrect battery usage status! Wyze Thermostat firmware 1.1.8 is also releasing with stability improvements and bug fixes.

Read our Release Notes:


The version listed for the Base station is incorrect I believe. My version matches what is on your App / Firmware production release web page. However, what is listed here is instead of

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I tried to update one of my 4 WCO. Gears going around for 10 min then got the sorry note, said try again. Cam is sitting next to the router. Maybe I will try again in a few days, This should be a simple and fast process like it has been in the past.

At times, I had to restart the camera and clear the cache on my phone from within the app. I also restarted my phone.

Did you restart the camera?

The cam is recording something as I type. I will try the update later. Last time I did the update it said failed but it did in fact update the firmware on all 4 cams, go figure. I checked this time and the cam did not update. I don’t like to tell the app to do “all”, I do one at a time just in case.

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Same here, never been successful with doing all at once.

Did the 4 cams this morning in a few min. New firmware for base is not available on the phone to update? Yes I forced closed the app and restarted the phone, no new FW for the base???/

Edit: I found the upgrade in the account firmware section, Done >>>

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