Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware not downloadable

I am currently STUCK on for my Wyze Cam Outdoor. Firmware constantly fails even when it’s right next to the Base Station and Router. I attempted to get version to update via SDCard but it’s not available.

I see the PREVIOUS version was halted ( (June 29, 2022) Because of " support for offset time zones caused microSD card recording failure"

But why can’t I download (September 12, 2022)

This is getting REALLY frustrating. My other Outdoor updated via Wifi without issue. So I am stuck and have no way to download it?

Help please

Sorry your having issues trying to update your firmware. Have you tried switching the camera off and back on? Have you tried power cycling the base station?

Give those a try and let us know if it lets you update now. Thanks!

This wasn’t my question. If you have an answer to what I actually asked please feel free to provide it. I am more than capable of troubleshooting my system and have a very technical background. Troubleshooting the WIFI update was not the question.

The firmware files are not listed on there. Some users have been able to guess the download url and download them, but I’m not sure what it is for the WCO, and there’s probably a reason Wyze removed these specific ones.

I’m sorry I have nothing else to add, hopefully someone else can find this thread and help you :slight_smile: