Wyze Cam Outdoor dead after firmware update

My outdoor cam said it needed to do a firmware update. This was in the first week of March, 2022. So it failed and I let it retry. Then it failed again. I waited a day and tried again and it failed. I tried it again and the camera went offline and never came back. I checked the blue light and it was on but flashing. I powered it off and on but it didn’t come back online.

Anyone have an idea of what to do? I cannot get WYZE support for this.

Go here and follow the directions; Download the Feb. 16 2022 firmware and try it that way.
Make sure you follow the directions. Download the firmware file THEN extract the sd-update file to the SD card.

My camera updated wirelessly, but when it rebooted there was no status light, and the IR LEDs in the front are flashing two on one side, and four on the other side, all flashing four times and then a pause, repeat.
Tried to flash with the SD card, but no luck.
Does anyone know what can be done?
I just got this camera today, the fifth camera in my system and the first to fail.

My WyzeCam Outdoor does not have an SD Card slot, so that procedure is not useful to me. I think I need to connect it to the base station to do updates. I will try to reset the device and get the base station to see it again.

Power cycling the base station allowed it to connect to the Outdoor Cam.

Thanks for the help.

Mine completely died, getting a replacement under warranty.
Great job from Wyze!

The SD slot is on the bottom corner of the cam, you have to pull open the little rubber cover gently. Happy your cam is working but you should read this for reference.