Cameras wont reconnect after Network Outage

Had a network outage earlier this morning. I have 3 cameras currently; the Video Doorbell came back online and one of my Cam Outdoor v2’s came back online. One v2 is still offline as is the cam on my garage door opener. Power was on the whole time, only the network/wifi was down. I know I can power cycle the garage door opener, but that is a PITA. Dont know how to power cycle the v2 as it is not connected to power. Shouldn’t these all reconnect when the network comes back up?

Have you tried to cycle the power switch on the back of the camera? How is the base station connected to your network? Wifi or Ethernet? What the base station status light show? Is that online? I am thinking it is if your other wco v2 is online.

The Battery operated cams will come back on line once the base has a sold blue light. I have 4 of the version one WCO and power is restored or network service is restored, base has solid blue light two of the four come back in about 1 min, the next one in 4-5 min and then the last one. As stated if you don’t want to wait just turn the power switch off on the back of the cam and turn back on and look for the led on the back of the cam to flash blue.

Unfortunately I am not home right now. In the app on my phone it shows that the base station is connected and the camera that is on shows it is connected, the camera that is off shows it is not connected

As I am not at home, is there anyway to try and reboot the cameras? I am guess not as they are not connected…

No way to reboot besides flipping the power switch on the cam to off then on and whatever you do, don’t delete it from the app when it shows off-line or you will never get it back. I do have my base station connected to a smart plug that I use to power cycle it if it ever goes off-line for some reason. My base is connected via ethernet.

Thank you Antonius,
My base is also wired direct with ethernet but I never thought of a smart plug for its power! I will do that as soon as I get home. And then I will reboot my cameras

My base used to go off line about every three months in 2020 & 2021 but it has only gone of twice in the last 1.5 years. It is still good to have a plug. (Probably just jinxed myself) :upside_down_face:

Yes they do (edit: or at least the v3’s do and I’d expect the v2’s will as well). You shouldn’t ever need to power cycle - that’s just a hacky attempt people suggest around here. It is possible that it could take some time as it would depend on how they check, if its pushed to it, or if it has a code timer check.

I can pull power to all my wifi and they will reconnect after restoring. Done it plenty of times while working on the network.

Even the Wyze base station if that’s in use should do the same.

There’s some stuff I’m not getting into or clarifying or anything. This is all the extent I’m writing here.