Cams Not Coming Back Online After Network Outage

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Recently had a network outage for multiple weeks when I wasn’t home.

WiFi was up, internet was not.

The V2 cam came online and worked perfectly as soon as connection was restored. No power cycle needed.

The floodlight worked (PIR for light) the entire time it was offline (this is great! At least it doesn’t die comepetky without internet) but the cam and the other v3 plugged into it shows offline, we’rent viewable in the app, until a power cycle.

The v3 with lamp socket:
Light stayed on 24/7 (I think, not 100% sure)
Cam wasn’t viewable and was offline, although I was able to reboot the lamp socket and cam from the app. (Didn’t test rebooting on other affected devices). Also had to power cycle the cam, not the lamp socket. All works now but it took a toggle of all lamp socket settings to get that to work.

3x WCO v1, all solar panels:
1 was at 1% but came online without switch!
Other 2 needed charging, were completely dead

1x WCO v2, solar panel:
Needed charging.

Seems the WCOs die when trying to connect to network when it doesn’t work.

These are my findings, interesting that the v2 worked perfectly, and that the 1 WCO was able to recover on its own, though for sure that would need a switch and charge.