V2 Cameras DEAD from 2/16/24 outage

2 of my V2’s wont come back up at all since the outage. I power cycled them multiple times and it appears they are DEAD. I suspect that they were constantly rebooting during the outage and thats what killed them. I put in a ticket with WYZE. I hope they make this right. I have over 20 cameras V2s and V3s and they all came up. If anyone has dead V2’s I would suggest putting in a ticket.

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Good luck, I have one of my four V3 cams that will not connect no matter what I do. It was installed it in May of 2022.

I lost a V2 to Wyze’s bullshirt too…

Was fine before the outage, now a brick that just blinks yellow. Will not setup, it’s dead :skull::coffin:

Thanks Wyze A55es :poop:

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Hope it wasn’t forest kitty’s cam. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Nope Forest Kitty’s is V3 pan cam on the porch. :smile_cat:

Already replaced it with a spare V2 out of my junk box.

One of my V2s went offline after the outage and no amount of router reset would bring it back. Surprisingly it came back online after I clicked the restart camera button.

The V2 the outage killed has just a yellow blinking led, it is dead completely and resetting does nothing…

Luckily I had a box of V2 cams from when I upgraded to V3’s and I won’t spend anymore time trying to fix that dead one. That V2 is spare parts :grin:

24 V3’s / 2 V3 Pan-Cam’s / 1 V2 cam / 1 V1 Pan-Cam are All back online and working.

I have 2 Wyze battery pro cams that will not come back on line since the February 16 issue

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I have a V2 that I rarely use. It went down with the recent Wyze failure and wouldn’t come back up. It’s located at a very inaccessible place and was planning to put a switch (not Wyze) so I can restart it remotely.

Today I checked and it’s back up. I still need to add that switch. I use this V2 over a V3 because where it’s aimed, the V3’s over exposed view ruins the image.

All the outdoor cams belong to forest kitty.
Little brat knows how to use them to get in :rofl:

Walks back and forth to send notifications

Comes in the mud room for food from his servant :rofl:


Smart Kitty, he knows it works :rofl:
Now get him a ground level doorbell for backup.

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Looked at another camera and he was in a hurry to get home :dash:

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:rofl: Warp speed mode.

May have been a bigger cat :bangbang:

This one has been around at night, Forest Kitty knows he should be in at night most the time…

Previous video capture:


Oh, Yes I remember Big Kitty