All of my V3's went offline

Anyone else having the same issues?

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Just checked, mine are all working. so it’s not a widespread Wyze outage.


Just checked a bunch of mine (V2, V3, V3 Pro, V3 Pan) and all OK.


All 16 up here. No issues noticed.

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Thanks all! I am going to just leave them alone and check them in the morning.


Try rebooting your router if they are still offline tomorrow.


The strange part is, they are divided between 2 separate locations and on 2 separate routers. Still down this morning. I am going to power off/on the V3’s local to me and see what happens.

I had the same issue yesterday and I see you are a beta tester like myself. What fixed the problem for me is to install the production version of the app from the App Store. All cameras came back instantly. Not sure what caused the beta version to break live view.

Very bizarre experience :thinking:

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I noticed that they are still recording events. Very strange. I am going to leave it on the beta version for a while longer and see if they come back on their own.

Let me know if they do come back, I can’t afford not being able to access them at my remote location.

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Will do! So far, none have come back online.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: I did power off and on one of the cameras. It is still recording events, but It still is offline. It is definitely the beta app. I went back to the production version as you did, they worked again. I am now back on the beta release and they no longer work. I wonder what they changed?

They are all working this morning. 2.47.0 (4)

Yeah, I just installed the beta again, end they’re working, both locations. What is weird that as you said they were recording both on sd snd cloud but no notifications or live view. Now everything is back to normal.

I blame Gremlins :rofl:

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Yup - It must have been those pesky gremlins!!! :rofl: :laughing:

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