All cameras went offline this morning

Has anyone else had both the V2 and a V3 cameras go offline this morning? All my cameras went offline about 6:30 a.m. mountain time this morning and have not been able to get him to go back online by either power cycling them or whatever. Is this a problem with wise cloud server?
I may have to decide to change to a different company as this is ridiculous, especially since we get no notification from this lousy company.

We’ve seen no reports of cameras simultaneously going offline today. You may wish to powercycle your router/modem to force drop cam connections, wait for Internet connectivity (verified via your phone/tablet/computer, etc.), then restart your cams.


I was not brain operational at that hour (Pacific time zone), but have looked at several of my cameras a little later and everything is working. Just now when I first opened the app, I momentarily got a red bar that said something like “Unable to update device status”, but that cleared in well under one second.

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Thank you for the help. That is exactly what I did restarted my modem and then restarted all of the cameras and they came back online don’t know why that happened with my modem but thanks


No problem. Great to hear you’re back up and running. :+1:


Modems and routers, just like all electronics that run by software develop memory leaks, software freeze ups, you name it. Powering them down once in a while helps them run efficiently. Just like your computer.

My V2’s and V3’s also went down yesterday and today and it coincided after i upgraded the IOS app to version
I will “recycle” my router shortly as it i managed to get the camera’s working yesterday but i see they are down again today. You do have to wonder if there is an issue around this new release tho?
@Foodmgrtgv can u please confirm what version ISO app or Android app you are currently using?

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OK great - at least i know its not my environment.
Thanks @habib.

Come on Wyze what happened to testing prior to release :wink:

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