One out of two outdoor V2 cams stays offline after Base Station reboot


I have recently added two V2 outdoors cams and a Base Station, both work just fine

But for some reason I reboot the base station, :

The front camera will not come back online or rather re-connect itself, I need to switch it off with the button at the back of the cam then back on. WiFi 100% at 3 bars as only a couple of meters from the BS

The back camera which only has 2 bars of WiFi comes back on / re-connects straight away

Other than that both work just fine, Normally when I at this house it’s not a problem, but when I’m away this will be a problem

Any suggestions ?

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It can take up to a few hours until the outdoor cams reconnect. This is because they have a greater interval between retries depending on how long they have been online.

They all seem to take a different amount of time, but in the end they usually succeed.

How come you keep having to restart the base?

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll try and wait longer to see if the front cam decides to reconnect

I’ve been moving the base station around to see where its best situated to get the best reception for both the cams

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