Cam-outdoor-V2 disconnecting and I'm far away

Well, looks like I am one of those suffering from the dreaded phantom disconnection on outdoorV2 cams.

I have only had the system for about 3 weeks and right off the bat noticed that the one cam that I have would sometimes disconnect. It would either reconnect itself, or I would force stop the android app and it would reconnect (or maybe it would have reconnected itself if left alone).

Now that I am far away from the house, it has disconnected (seemingly for good) and the wisdom seems like it will be to power cycle the cam (have not yet heard from Wyze) Easy for them to say, but I am 1,200 miles away and will be for months.

Firmware on base and cam is up to date, cache is cleared, app is up to date and base is ethernet connected.

Guess I am out of luck. Open to suggestions for a different system (even a Wyze one) once I return in the fall.

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So Base is Ethernet connected. Is there a chance that if you moved the base to halfway between the camera and the router that things would improve? That’s what I would recommend to start. WiFi connection for the Base.