Cam V2 won't reset after internet loss

My cam V3 always comes online after power or internet loss. My two V2 cams do not. I have to delete them and add as new every time. One V2 is in the same room as the V3 so distance can’t be the reason. I set up the V2 and V3 using the same steps, so I’m not doing anything wrong there either. What is wrong with the V2 cams not automatically resetting?

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@kczett Have you tried unplugging and plugging the V2 device back in after this? I’ve had my share of V2’s needing just unplugged and plugged back in after 30 seconds or so after the internet is back up and running. This has seemed to be my main solution when one of my cameras won’t connect for some reason, when my internet is up and running. I believe they are working on adding a feature to automatically restart a camera after it loses connection, but I could be wrong.

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I’m having this exact issue with all my V2 cameras. The V3 (not wireless) works fine. Plugging the cameras into a power source did nothing, nor does powering them on/off.

However rebooting the base station got the cameras back online.

Thanks for the input. Yeah, I’ve power cycled, tried reset in the app,… nothing works. Keep getting the same flashing yellow/blue light and all I can do is delete the cam and start from scratch.

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Try rebooting the base station. That worked for me.

The OP states a V2 camera, not the outdoor camera, so no base station.

Did U do updates recently?
What is firmware in V2?
App version?

if not, possible behind server changedps by Wyze.
send your log to Wyze support.

It’s an older V2 with plug, so no base station.