All my battery powered cams went offline. Powered ones OK

I have three outdoor cams, a door bell and an indoor cam which is plugged in.

Yesterday all three outdoor cams went offline. The other two are fine.
I took the driveway cam down. Turned it off. waited. Turned it on. No luck
I tried to pair it again. Pairing is in progress. Please wait. Wyze cam outdoor setup failed.
I rebooted the router. No help
I deleted it. plugged it in to the base station. Pressed setup. Nothing happens.

I tried the sync setup with another of the outdoor cams, Wyze cam outdoor setup failed.

This is this is the first problem I have had since changing the router months ago.

What can I try now?

The WCO cameras connect to your base station, which is then connected to your network. What is the status of the base station? What is the blue light doing? I would absolutely trouble shoot that before reinstalling the WCO cams etc just to be sure and stay away from the “theft feature” of the WCOs where they could get bricked.

And nothing will happen. I still say the cams should come with a warning. IF my Battery cams go off line I just turn off power to the base wait 1 min. and turn power back on. After base light is solid blue the cams come back on line.