Error 90 on V2 when 2 hours away!

This must be a universal pain. I have 3 cams at my summer home, 2 showing the 90 error. The third is fine so no power or internet outage. So how am I going to power cycle??? So I have no cams until the next time down, probably a month away. Help appreciated. Thanks.

Won’t help right now but some smart plugs or even dumb timers connected to the cameras so they reboot periodically. In the meantime, not much you can do at a distance, unless you have a trusted neighbor who could power cycle them for you.

I had a very similar problem, but I was over 18 hours away. What I did was put the cameras on a kitchen timer and it “power cycled” (turn off and back on) the cameras twice a week. Not an elegant solution but when it’s down and dirty in the trenches any solution works.

Thanks. I actually did that last summer with the timer running in my winter home. I thought of that but thought there might be another solution. I do have a good digital timer with a good rechargeable battery which hopefully will maintain the time in a power failure. Actually, one of three cams is now up and running which means power and cable are working. (There’s a blizzard going on on Cape Cod.) Thanks all for your good advice. Will place a timer at next opportunity.

That’s why we use gosund wifi plugs on all of our cameras and base station so we can remote power cycle them,most are located at very remote solar sites

Wyze has deliberately coded their firmware to break V2 cams, because they don’t want them to work anymore. They only want to support V3.

However, they accidentally coded a previous firmware update that works and upon realizing that, the pushed out 2 seemingly innocuous updates that broke V2s again.

Rollback your firmware to That is the latest FWU that will work. The one prior to will also break your V2 and certainly all after. You know the error. (90).

Ignore future updates for V2.

Good luck…

Your 2 funny no issues on our end

I have many v2’s running on up to date firmware, Wyze is not intentionally bricking v2’s

If you say so. I know what solved my issue and it was with no help from Wyze. I wouldn’t recommend these cams to anyone. I have trouble free operation from my Arlos. These Wyze were more trouble than they were worth.

I’m not a satisfied customer. If it were 1 cam, maybe, but not 2 (white and black V2s).


To ignore future updates to the V2 ignores any fixes. The V2 is still a viable Wyze cam, and they still work in my house. Heck, the V1 still works and it has been years since it was updated.