Outdoor v2 cam keeps going offline with error -90

I’ve got two Outdoor v2 cams and they are just not having a good time.

Both have a pretty decent connection to the base station. Both are powered by Wyze solar panels and the battery in each rarely ever dips below 90%.

However…they really struggle to remain available. I’m dealing with error code “-90” every few days.

When I turn the cameras off and then on again, everything is perfect for the next few days. Then boom, offline.

Is there a way to power cycle these cameras remotely without me having to drag a ladder outside across my property, unplug the solar panels, and toggle the power switches? Because that’s getting real old, real quick.

Is your base connected via ethernet or are you using Wi-Fi ? I have never had an issue with error -90 but about every few months the 4 cameras will do the loading 3 of 3 dance and won’t live stream. I power cycle the base via a smart plug and they all come back up in a few minutes.
My base is using firmware and cams These are all version 1 WCO that have been in service since October 2020.

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Base station is on ethernet.

Today when this happened I walked over to it and saw the LED was fast-blinking blue. I power cycled the base and that seemed to fix the cameras without pulling a ladder around.

If this happens again I’ll check the base rather than the cameras.

The flashing blue LED means it is trying to connect to your network for both Base and cameras. Solid blue is connected.

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