Anyone know what connection failed (error code: -90) means (Outdoor Cams)

I just started getting “connection failed (error code: -90)” on ALL my outdoor Cams. Any ideas?

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Per Wyze Documentation, (Check your base to see if it is connected still as well since it is the Wyze Cam Outdoor you are referring to)

Error Code Our troubleshooting message
-90 Device is offline (error code 90)

Please check your internet connection or power cycle the camera.|


Almost all error codes means there is a network problem of some kind. There are a couple for Authentication, but even those could be caused by network issues.

In the case of the Outdoor camera, are the cameras far from the Base, or the Base far from the router? Is there a lot of metal in between either? I’d cycle power to the router, then after several minutes when that comes back if you are still having trouble cycle power to the Base, and finally the Cameras if necessary. But definitely look at how far the cameras are from the Base, and the Base from the router.

If the Base is plugged into the router using an Ethernet cable, then consider putting it on WiFi, and moving it halfway to the cameras.

Oh, and one last thing: Make sure the Base is not blinking Blue, because that would mean it is no longer transferring anything from the cameras. There is a recent firmware bug that can do that to you.


Thank you both for the suggestions. Restarting the base station did the trick.