Outdoor Cam Connectivity Issues

There’s a secret technology Wyze has been hiding from us all along. Somehow, their engineers have managed to detect precisely when you need to see what’s on your Outdoor Cams. Once that need has been detected, all connectivity to the cameras is disabled.

Someone’s at the door and you want to see who it is? “Connection failed (error code :-27)”
Hear a weird noise outside and want to check what it is? “Connection failed (error code :-27)”
Need to check if you left the garage door open? “Connection failed (error code :-27)”

It seems like I fail to connect to my outdoor cams 50% of the time. My base station is not but 20 feet from the cameras, and it’s connected to ethernet. I’ve changed routers, broadcast frequencies, base station locations, everything. I even upgraded to gigabit fiber, yet “Connection failed (error code :-27)” still happens half the time.

They have been consistently unreliable, and I regret purchasing them. I had great hope for Wyze products early on, but as prices continue to creep upwards and performance turns downward, I fear this has turned into another lesson of you get what you pay for. But hey, at least we can buy a Wyze handheld vacuum?


  • 4x Outdoor Cams w/ Base Station (50% of the time they work every time)
  • 2 Thermostats (documented history of malfunction)
  • 2 CAM3s (occasional connectivity issues, the least bad of the line)
  • Miscellaneous broken pieces of the Wyze Sense - Starter Kit (great for shrapnel)

Appreciated for a good tempered, amusing writeup.

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