Wyze Cam Outdoor - is mine a lemon?

I initially set up my Wyze Cam Outdoor in my home office to make sure it worked, then forgot about it for a while. I tried to get it set up outdoors this weekend, but it has been extremely frustrating. I have a decent signal (consistently 2 or 3 bars), but whenever I try to view the live stream, it either keeps retrying the various connection steps or prompts me to “Please try to power cycle the camera (error code -20010)”. It will occasionally capture a motion event, but not reliably, and it’s difficult to set in the right position when I can’t view the live stream. I moved the base station as close as possible - there is a wall between them, but total distance is only about 4 feet, yet it still refuses to connect.
I have several original Wyze Cams, Wyze Cam 2s and Wyze Cam Pans and they all work far more reliably, which makes me think my outdoor cam is defective.
Has anyone else had better luck with their outdoor cam?

Are you located in an area with dense 2.4 Ghz use? Hub to camera is locked down to channel 11 from what I hear.

Suburban neighborhood, so a lot of other access points, but not as dense as an apartment building. My signal analyzer shows a few other networks on channel 11, but standing next to the outdoor cam, the WYZE_XXXYYYZZZ network is the strongest.

Sorry to hear. Please contact our support for this issue.

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