Error code 90 constantly

I’ve have 8 wyze cams V2’s. Random cameras will go offline (error code 90) I can’t restart from the app. Only unplugging the cameras power cord will do it. I have excellent wifi and fast internet, that’s not the problem. The cams just randomly do this and I’m becoming extremely frustrated with these crappy cameras. Anyone know what the issue is?


Me too! Several v2 cameras and outdoor cameras cannot live stream any of them most of the time. Work around for outdoor cameras is to go to camera via Base.

These errors seem to be getting worse. All have up to date firmware and my network is fine. I’m about ready to give up on Wyze.


I currently only have 1 v2 indoor cam hooked up. I was planning on hooking up the doorbell in the next few days. But I keep getting Error code 90. Tried unplugging and power cycling the cam. Still happens. Worked when I last checked it. Admittedly, that was about a month ago or so. Not sure what to do.

Happened to one of my V3s. I power cycled several times and kept getting code 90.

I don’t know what gave me the idea but I pressed the setup button and went through the steps again. It fixed the problem but can’t explain why.

Since the camera is already known to the system, it didn’t lose any settings.

The good thing about this solution is that you get a new 14-day person detection trial :grin:

Welcome to the forums. I’m curious, which WYZE product did you purchase from Home Depot that cost you $70? Whatever it was you paid WAY too much!

Resetting the camera seemed to work. I’ll try installing the doorbell later today. Thanks.

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yep me too. i have all the different ones. and within 2 weeks i have lost 3 more cameras! not connecting, no restarting works, changed wires, changed camera areas and switched to see if some work and some dont. it is BS again and again. and they do not address any of these issues, as they are too busy pumping out new products to sell to everyone. what a shame the copy has gone so down hill so quickly.i am sure they won’t be around much longer at this rate.

Have same problem. It started with all my cam2s. Have tried everything that wyze suggested. Nothing worked so I was sent three cam3s and waiting on a replacement pan cam2 that had same problem. The cam3s worked for a day or so and then started going on and off line regularly. Their solution is again to replace the cameras. I have a hard time believing it’s always the cameras but nothing that wyze support works to fix the problem.

Oh forgot to add that I cannot retrieve video that cams apparently took. Just some statement about unable to retrieve from the cloud.

how long did you have a cameras? You mean to tell me they sent you camera replacement without any charge?