Code 90 on my V3

I Opened my Wyze app this morning to view the footage taken from my cameras overnight. All V3’s were working as usual except one of them. It gave me an error message off “ Device is off-line. Error code 90”.

Rebooting the Wi-Fi did nothing to resolve the problem. As this has previously happened I knew that unplugging and replugging the camera would fix the issue. It did :sunglasses:.

My problem is that when I’m away from home and there’s no one here to unplug then replug the camera from the outlet, I seemingly cannot fix the problem. That’s bad.:frowning:

Hopefully there is someone out on this forum that can come up with a solution to this problem for me. I did check the forum for an answer and did not come up with anything, but maybe I just missed something.

Thanks in advance TLHUTCH4

I put my important cameras on smart plugs so I can reset them remotely.


This is a common problem, and many firmware updates improve it. It’s generally caused by the cam going offline, and giving up trying to reconnect until power cycled. Like the user above said, many users put their critical cams on a smart plug so they can power cycle them remotely if needed.

For prevention, it’s a piece of tech, sometimes weird stuff happens, but if you see it happen regularly, it could be worth looking into.

Main things are if your router is at its device limit, it could be kicking some things off when it’s full, or if your routers just old and underpowered. Are you using the router provided by the ISP? How old is your router. Is the cam within strong WiFi signal? Does your internet cut out sometimes?

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Thanks for your suggestions. Is this the smart plug you are talking about and how would I be able to power cycle my cameras remotely with them ?

Yea those will work. You can just turn them off and back on via the app if the camera goes offline. Then it will be just like unplugging and plugging the cam back in

I had the code 90 on my V3 cam for several weeks now. A power cycle (smart plug) would only fix if for several hours. I figured out that swapping the USB power supply fixed my issue.

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THanks guys. I’ll try both suggestions

Beans, I don’t see a way to turn OFF then back ON via the app. Can you explain please…Thanks

In the smart plugs app page, there’s a toggle at the top allowing you to turn the plug on and off, which will effectively power cycle the device plugged into it

Ok, I will order a plug for for each of my cams in order to be able to power cycle the cams if I’m away. This could be very useful if power cycle is required to get the cams up when I’m not home to plug and unplug them……Thanks

To elaborate and give you a visual, from the app home screen the plugs look like this with a “button” you can tap to alternate on and off

On the individual device screen you can do it as well.


And you can group the plugs as well and turn all of them on and off at the same time with a simple tap.

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Bam, Thanks for the visual. “A Picture is worth 1,000 words”. I have ordered one for each of my cameras especially to have capability of power cycling them from the app if needed while I’m away from home…Thanks

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Glad to help

I installed my new Wyze plug on one of my cameras. Just ran a trial and recycled the plug while my camera was on from a distance.Worked perfectly.

The Wyze plug was certainly the answer to my issue of how to recycle my camera if required when I’m out of state. Thanks again