Error code 90 unable to reconnect v3 cams

hi. bought 2 camv3 and only had 7days of operations before both of them went off line. was able to get 1 of the two online before losing it after 2hrs. talked with support and done all the items suggested except to purge all other wifi connection/passwords. did not do this since i got one of them working without doing this for a 1 day before going off line. any suggestion would be greatly apprecated it.

Code 90 is the cam isn’t connecting to your network Does you router have one SSID for both the 2.4 and the 5.0 Ghz networks or a SSID for each network. Maybe the cams are trying to connect to the 5.0,

Did you try this?

hi antonius
i get the code 90 after the camera(s) go off line (the cloud symbol with the hash through it) and when i try to reconnect. my router has two distinct names and share the same password. again, im not a techie by any stretch and having two wifi names leads me to believe that i have two ssids and thus no auto bandswitching

additionally, thank you very much for the link to the steps suggested by wyze. i did follow the steps suggested on the link and went so far as as unplugging from power strip and going directly into the outlet for one camera and making sure all the connection wires were(and are) wyze product connection lines.

again, i was able to reset and reconnect 1/2 cameras and soon after lost connection; to be honest, the other i stop trying after attempting to reset and reconnect for approx. 4hrs .

Thank you very much for your feedback.

desperately seeking a solution (ref. to the 90’s movie)

We had one that had the same issue it was a V3, all we did was unplug it and plug it back in,then went to app and hit it in live view took a few times but its back now,it happened when the internet went out

thank you very much for your feedback

You’re welcome

I’ve had my v3 camera for a while and what I found out is that no matter what you do, it’s not helping. It is all Wyze Cloud server based. If the server is down or whatever, you have no connection to your camera. It is what it is, you get what you paid for. If you want better connection, go for different brand. Wyze sucks unless you want a toy. That’s what they are, toys.

hi there, just a quick follow up from my first posting. i have had no luck in trying to establish a connection and still haunted by ‘the three bells followed by trying to connect’. thus i have given up. so as a (temporary) solution, i am using cam outdoors indoors and the whole process of adding additional camera’s were very much easier. since im already down the rabbit hole decided to spend the extra for a camera. there was no issues until for some some reason all my setting and my ability to set the detection zone were disabled. i called the help line on friday and the rep stated that it was a know issue (i did not receive any notifciation) they were working on the firmware thus should be ready in 24/48hrs and assured me that all my settings where still in effect. however, in my instance , this statement was was not true. so a false sense of security for the past 7days. given my experience only, given my experince, i am seriously considering moving away because the aggrivation and trying to limit my hair loss. best of luck to all. again this update is based on my experince using V3 and cam outdoors

sorry, follow up to follow up. the wyze app was updated and the cam outdoors working now.