Cam V2 is OFFLINE (error code 90) AGAIN

I’m traveling and have someone who checks my place when I’m away. I was getting too many notifications while they were there so I decided to take the cameras offline with the Wyze App on my iPhone.

Now the cameras won’t come back online. The App shows them as ON but when I check liveview or try playback I get the famous error code 90.

Housewatch person went back to my house and we did the power cycle thing over and over, reboot modem and router etc. They said blue status light is good.

Even more bizarre is I got a notification and could view the 12 sec clip so clearly the camera/router/modem/cloud/App thing is working, yet Wyze App is unable to access cameras.

I cannot afford to pay the person who checks on my house to sit on the phone and troubleshoot all day with me while I trying to do my actual job.

Any thoughts?

I have no way to see what is going in my house now. I’m sick of not knowing if the system I count on to secure my home is working!

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I seldom take a cam offline using the toggle in the app, but I did one after the latest v2 FW update, and it wouldn’t come back online with the toggle. I got it back without much trouble using one of the standard troubleshooting steps (sorry, can’t remember which, probably Android force-stop app/clear cache, but I see you are Apple-based.)

Did you take a whole Group of cams offline from the app home page?


A single (or several) cams from a Group by accessing the Live View > More menu of each cam?

Or a single (or several) cams individually from the app home page?


All this may be irrelevant but it may spark an informed idea with someone passing by… :slight_smile:

never knew you can take a camera offline without unplugging it completely. I always used the on and off button. How does one even do that on the app so i know not to mess with it

I set up ‘Rules’ to turn off/on groups of cameras, such as ‘all cameras’, just ‘interior cams’, etc.

I bought Wyze products so I would have less to worry about, and now realize I only had a false sense of security.

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I set up 'rules to switch cameras on/off, but will sometimes turn an individual camera off with the ON/OFF button in the app.

My understanding is that the ON/OFF button takes the camera offline so it’s not recording or detecting motion etc.

I completely agree. I’m so tired of my cameras going offline and having to get up to restart them. And never once knowing why the company out them in offline mode.

Here’s the help topic :slight_smile:

And where it lives:

Ah, that’s a variation I forget about… :slight_smile:

Same here, lately every other day or little bit longer, my 5 WZYE Cameras go offline, I know the steps to bring them on again, but is frustating to go again and again to the same steps, turn off the router, connect and disconnect the camera, remove the memory card, reset camera, force to stop.
I started to believe this is the WYZE App, because all 5 cameras go offline, not even one stay on…
If you are not in the house and you want to check your camera, you just get piss…
I have other brand older cameras wich never go offline.