Error Code 90 Mar 27th 2019 on all 8 v2 cams

I woke up to all 8 of my v2 cameras (all running fw being offline.
When I tried to connect to them from my iPhone (iOS 12.1.4) they all reported error code 90.
The last recording I could find on the Wyze app (Version 2.2.35) was yesterday 3/26/19 around 6 pm CST for all the cameras.
I rebooted them all one by one and they came up like nothing happened.
Extra info: my ISP is Cox and my router consists of 3 Google Wifi mesh points running 11021.84.4

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

Is it possible your internet or router was down?

I was working and browsing the internet yesterday night until about 10 pm CST and didn’t see any hiccups in connection.
I have an IFTTT routine that texts me if my office PC disconnects from my network (goes offline) - and I didn’t get an alert so the internet was (presumably) fine all through the night too.

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Very strange? Could one of the mesh points failed over?

5 cameras were connected to the main mesh point,
2 cameras were connected to mesh point #2,
1 camera was connected to mesh point #3.

Weird. I am not sure what that would be other than ISP or device related.