V2 error code 90 - 2 hours out - returning in 5 plus months -1,650 miles away,

I got an Error code 90 after checking my cameras after driving 2 hours of a 1,650-mile trip. I will be gone for 5 plus months. That makes your cameras absolutely worthless for those of us that want to monitor a property we do not have access to. After talking to two technical support techs, I dropped Cam plus on all my cameras this morning. As soon as I get back to each location, I am going to throw all of them in the trash. What amazes me is that Wyze is still selling them knowing they don’t work.

I read that one person was going 700 miles back to the property and installing timers to reboot them once a week Are you kidding me, throw them out and put in cameras that are known to work.

When are you going to fix the problem?


We currently have over 88 cameras at our sites and we have no issues with them,our service technicians added wifi smart plugs on all cameras so they can do a remotely power cycle them,and now with snow the only way to the sites is with a hillicopter which cost alot,do not use the wyze smart plug,we use gosund and the app is smart life all cameras are on battery backup system so there allways on.

Thank you for the response. I am now retired, but I did own an alarm company for many years. Installing a camera with a known issue like this would be a huge liability concern even in residential setting.

I would have never suggested a workaround such as this or the weekly timer I read about in another post. I found that most small commercial properties would not check their cameras unless there was a incident. The camera(s) could be down for days, weeks or even months before anyone noticed it. I suspect someone will eventually get hit when a camera is down. I checked the cameras the night before we left. With 88 cameras, I understand the savings in using these cameras with the smart plugs.

I have had several Code 90’s and memory issues with the pan cam, but not with the v2 or v3. I will reach out to the people that I recommended Wyze cameras to and tell them about the issue with your solution. I will no longer recommend Wyze camera until the issue is fixed.

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paulloiselle - If you live anywhere near Oklahoma City, I would gladly pick up those cameras instead of you adding them to the local landfill. This offer is in no way a criticism of your concerns. I can always use a few more cameras, especially for free.

It would be nice if Wyze would add a “watchdog timer” in their programming. You could set it to do pings to your main router they are connected to. Set it to ping once every minute or so. then After say 3-5 failed pings, do an auto reboot. Lots of devices have this capability. But, i also understand that they couldnt sell smart switches either…

I do not. I am a long way away from them and I am not returning for 5 to 6 months.
Thanks though.

Wyze needs to do something. I have had the pan cam go out a lot. I just thought it was that camera. I didn’t realize none of them work.

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I’m having the same problems.

My first Wyze Cam Pan worked fine… for awhile. Now the night vision does not work on it. After purchasing my first Pan, it worked fine, purchased a second, it’s a brick. Wish I’d known the Wyze Cam Pans are junk, at least they are inexpensive.

Do what’s the problem with the other unit?,we have both versions and there’s sure a big difference between them,V2 faster response with the low light makes it nice,we bought a 5 LED light we have it in the room it hasa photo Cell on it works great it s like a nite light

I’m on my 3rd V2 camera now that quit working with this error 90 code. One I was able to reinstall. The other two won’t even enter set up mode. I’ve bought a decent number of these cameras however I guess I better start looking elsewhere for replacements.

There so cheap back when the V2,we replaced most of ours with V3 the outdoor and low light is a big game changer,removed the sd cards,and put them in the new cams,and trashed the old V2 gave alot to the church as a donation so we could get our tax credit

THis happened to my 2nd replacement. It turned out, everytime I rotate the camera lets say 3 o’clock from the base, the camera LED turns on, if I turn the camera to 12o’clock the power led turns back off. Can be different rotation on your camera so play around with it, but as soon as you get it powered on, rotating your camera from sw does not turn off the camera.