Wyze Cam Pan V2 goes offline daily (error code 90)

Over the last month or so I’ve been having issues with my Wyze Cam Pan V2 going offline every single day. I feel like I’m noticing it happening primarily in the evening time. Though the app shows it’s offline with error code 90, I can still hear it operating and following motion, and I’m also receiving notifications to my phone when thing are detected. It comes back online after power cycling by unplugging, but eventually goes back offline. I have tried deleting the camera and setting it up again, but the issue is not resolved. I’ve even attempted to flash the firmware, but no matter what I do, I cannot get the camera to flash blue as it states in the instructions and it immediately says, “Ready to connect” (Firmware loaded to SD card correctly and renamed, camera unplugged, SD card inserted, hold down Setup button and plug back in, continue to hold the setup button, but light light never changes). I’m sure I’m not the only person who has experienced this issue, so I’m hoping someone has found a fix they can share.

Additionally, I’m unable to connect with Wyze Support as the only options that show on the website are Chat and Call. Clicking Chat only sends you back to the support page. When you call it says due to the super typhoon customer service support times have been reduced but are still available via Phone and Email. There’s no email anywhere, and when you go through the options on the phone you just get sent back to the super typhoon message on repeat. So essentially, impossible to contact support in any capacity.

Anyone have any solves they can share?


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How do you have it powered? Using something other than the supplied power brick and cable? If so, what are you using?

Same here. I’ll power cycle and it’ll work for a bit but when I come back to it later it’s not working.

Same for me. I have 3 WYZE gadgets: one Cam V2, one Cam V3, one video doorbell. All of the 3 went offline last night and all not coming back. They are in a vacation home and it isn’t easy for me to go there to power cycle them.

Last time AWS was down, the Cam V2 and V3 came back by themselves but I have to drive there to power cycle the video doorbell. This time all three are in zombie status.

All other smart gadgets in that site are fine: Nest thermostat, myQ garage door opener, TP-link switch, several TVs

I’m having the same exact problem.

Mine came back yesterday, all three: Cam V2, Cam V3 and Video Doorbell

Same here

I’m having the same issue, error code 90. Won’t ever reboot. Has anyone found the problem? It’s bad when you’re out of town and can’t physically check it. So I had someone go over and unplug it and plug it back into the wall. Still a problem.

Did you ever get a solution to the camera issue and trying to contact them? I am having he same issues and can’t even put in a ticket

No, and it will not reset. A relative has had some issues also, and just had to replace the camera with a new one. I have several around the house, so I’m going to try another camera in this one’s place and see if it works. If I get a solution, I’ll let you know.

Thank you. Same here!

We’ve had similar issues for the past month or so. I had a spare v2 pan and plugged it in. At first seemed okay then I was able to see it happen there also. And this is an almost unused camera (other than initial setup).

I noticed while testing that if I triggered panning it would move to a certain point and then the speaker would emit a small amount of static, then it’d reset itself. Sometimes back online, but sometimes staying offline.

So I turned motion tracking off and now it’s been online for days without issue. No point in having a pan cam if it won’t pan, but for a viable short term workaround it worked for me.

Suspecting a recent firmware update or something similar since we’d been using the one for a year and never really used the spare other than testing.